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Registrar of Voters
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About Us

Published on: 8/24/2015 3:29 PM


The mission of the Registrar of Voters’ (ROV) Office is to provide quality services with highest level of integrity, efficiency, and accuracy in voter registration and election processes.


To accomplish this takes months of preparation before the actual day of the election. Hundreds of polling places need to be found, and thousands of poll workers have to be recruited and trained. Ballots need to be created in five federally-mandated languages. Every piece of voting equipment needs to be tested, and supplies need to be prepared and delivered to every precinct. Tens of thousands of voter registration applications need to be processed and, ballots need to be mailed to over 500,000 Vote by Mail voters.

Through all this, we must never lose sight of our vision: to earn and maintain the public trust. This means being open and transparent, making sure the public understands our operations, and encouraging community input and involvement in the elections process.

When the final election results are released, voters can have full confidence in their accuracy and integrity.

Our motto is: “Put the voters first, you will never come in second.”


Guide to SCC ROV

To learn more about our office and the work that we do, please download the Guide to the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters.​