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What Duties Will I Be Expected to Perform on E-Day?

Published on: 4/26/2013 5:39 PM

Arrive on time to open the Polls.
All election officers should be at the polling place by 6:00 AM, to prepare for the 7:00 AM opening of the polls.  Sign the payroll form when you arrive.  Bring your Election Officer Manual and Notice of Appointment letter.

Assist voters.
Your job is to provide quality service to the voters.  Receive and assist all voters and co-workers with respect. Wear your ID for easy identification.

Questions and problems.
If you are not sure of something, it is important you ask for help.  Consult the Precinct Inspector, or your Training Manual. 

Closing the Polls
At 8:00 PM the polling place is closed to voters. Voters in line will vote, and then the Precinct Board will proceed with the closing tasks. Closing usually takes approximately 90 minutes, but may run longer.

Deliver ballots to Return Center
Your Precinct Inspector will be notified ahead of time if a Courier Team is assigned to pickup and return your ballots.  If a Courier Team is not assigned, you may be asked to accompany the Precinct Inspector to the Return Center.

Provide feedback.
Feedback and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.  Your Precinct will have a yellow feedback form and a postage paid envelope for your thoughts.

Precinct Inspectors assign 15 minute breaks along with an hour lunch and half hour dinner for all full-day Election Specialists.  Food and drinks are not provided.