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Student Conduct Guidelines

Published on: 4/26/2013 5:39 PM

Dress appropriately and maintain personal hygiene.  Wear layered clothing, as temperature conditions vary during the day.  You are representing your school and community, so clothing that identifies your school is encouraged.

Treat everyone with respect and dignity.  You are there to work, and your focus should remain on the task at hand.  You are representing Santa Clara County as a non-partisan Student Election Officer.  Commentary or discussions of a political nature are not permitted within the polling place.

Electronic Devices 
The use of personal cell phones or any other personal electronic devices for any reason in a polling place is against the law and strictly forbidden at all times.  Failure to comply will result in immediate dismissal.  You are welcome to use any device outside the polling place during your breaks and mealtimes.

If you are unable to meet your responsibilities as a Student Election Officer, for any reason, please contact your Precinct Inspector and your Election Specialist as soon as possible.  Failure to do so could leave your co-workers understaffed and damage the opportunity of future students to participate in the program.

Do not be intimidated or hesitant because you are a student.  You are a fully trained member of the Election Board.  If proper procedures are not being followed, please speak up to your Precinct Inspector, or if necessary contact 408.299.POLL (7655).