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Registrar of Voters
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Election Officers

Published on: 9/11/2018 11:48 AM
Poll Workers Needed 
Volunteer Stipend $115 to $200 
Election Officers must be at least 18 years old AND: 
      • A registered voter (US Citizen)
      • A legal permanent resident of the United States
Election Officer Training Class
Election Officers are required to attend a scheduled training class before each election. Online Training is also available.
Election Officer Duties
The Inspector supervises the Precinct Board, performs all election officer duties, is responsible for pick-up & inventory of election supplies, setting up the polling place, ensures all closing procedures are followed and Ballots & election supplies are returned to the receiving center. The Clerk can perform any or all of the election officer duties and assist the Inspector.
Legal permanent residents who are not US Citizens can only serve as a Clerk. They cannot be the Inspector of a Precinct Board. Legal permanent residents, as defined by the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, must meet all other requirements for registering to vote besides US citizenship in order to volunteer at the polls. 
Inspectors: $170.00 to $200.00
Clerks: $115.00 to $145.00


Santa Clara County employee only!
Santa Clara County employee Election Officer Application.
County employee ID number required.
More Info call: (408) 299-POLL [7655]