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Election Officer Training

 Each election the Registrar of Voter’s Office provides mandatory training to all the Election Officers that volunteer to serve the voters of Santa Clara County.  Training is the first step to insuring that our elections are administered in accordance with California Election Code and all voters are provided with efficient and effective service. The Registrar of Voter’s Office combines two styles of training, online training and an in person hands-on training.

Online training provides you the luxury of learning at your own pace and the convenience of learning at a time that fits your schedule.  Blending videos and interactive exercises, the online training course creates a dynamic learning experience that goes far beyond traditional classroom learning.

During the final part of the online training course, you will have the ability to sign up for an in person hands-on training course.  During the hands-on training you will have an opportunity to trouble shoot the Election equipment and get practical experience with the various situations you might encounter on Election Day.

With the combination of online and hands-on training, all Election Officers will be prepared and ready to serve on Election Day.
 You must be assigned as an Election Officer to access the Online Training course.  If you have already been assigned as an Election Officer and received your login information, click the link to the left to begin your online training course.
If you have not yet been assigned as an Election Officer, or do not have your login information, contact your Election Specialist, or the Precinct Operations Department at (408) 299-POLL [7655].
To sign up to be placed as an Election Officer, please fill out the Online Election Officer Application.

To contact the Training Department, email us at:
Last updated: 3/29/2019 9:40 AM