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Registrar of Voters
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Election Officer Training

Published on: 5/20/2016 10:57 AM
The Registrar of Voter’s Office provides training to Election Officers each election. We offer traditional classroom style training (3 hours), our new online training and hands on courses (2 hours) that allow you to roleplay and troubleshoot the elections equipment.
Two weeks prior to each election we offer an open lab. We encourage Election Officers who have already completed their training to stop by and practice what they have already learned. If you have been placed as an Election Officer we look forward to meeting and working with you. See you in training!
Election Officer Training is a year round process, sign up below to become an Election Officer. If you would like to be placed as an Election Officer please call us at: (408) 299-POLL [7655].

Online Training

Election Officer Online TrainingIf you have already contacted us and have received your logon information, please click the link below to begin your training.

Election Officer Training Online
To contact the Training Division, email us at:
Please call your Election Specialist or the Precinct Operations Division at (408) 299-POLL [7655] to be placed into a Training Class.