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Accessible Voting

Accessible Voting for Citizens with Disabilities

The Registrar of Voters strives to provide Vote Centers that are accessible to the elderly and voters with disabilities. If a Vote Center does not meet accessibility guidelines, call 1-408-299-POLL (7655) to receive information on alternative methods of voting.

Santa Clara County's electronic voting system with accessible features, including touchscreen and audio, gives voters with disabilities the ability to cast a secret ballot without assistance. The voting system is equipped with an audio voting component that allows voters to listen to the ballot and make their choices using the keypad provided. The keypad includes a "sip and puff" feature as well.

Voters who are unable to mark a ballot, may bring up to two individuals to assist them in voting.

Aud​io tapes of the County Voter Information Guide are available upon request. Call 1-408-299-VOTE (8683) or toll free 1-866-430-VOTE (8683).

Registration and voting information are available to the hearing impaired by TTY communication. Call 1-408-288-9820.​

Remote Accessible Vote by Mail Ballot

California law allows registered voters with disabilities, as well as military and overseas voters, to use a Remote Accessible Vote by Mail System to access and vote their ballots independently and privately.

Instead of using a paper Vote by Mail ballot, you can access an electronic version of your ballot, which can be marked using your own assistive technology at home. When you are done, you must print your ballot and return it to the Registrar of Voters for your ballot to be counted. Your ballot selections are not transmitted electronically through the Internet.​​​

Last updated: 2/11/2020 10:56 AM