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Give the Gift of Good Times!

The Best Gifts Don’t Come in a ​Box

Need gift ideas this holiday season? Instead of buying things that may just end up in the landfill someday, consider giving your loved ones gifts that inspire memories that will last forever! “Stuff” eventually ends up in the landfill, but memories last a lifetime. Think outside the box and consider giving one of these fun experiences:

·        For the sports fan
Game tickets for their favorite team
Tip: Minor league and college games cost a lot less than pro games and can be just as fun.

·        For the workout lover
Gym membership, fitness class, yoga pass for a month, or a personal trainer session.
Tip: be a good sport and sign yourself up as well—you can be workout buddies!

·        For the outdoor enthusiast
Buy annual park passes, or plan an excursion, like a hike in our local parks or a bike tour. Don’t forget snacks!  
Tip: Create your own gift certificate and offer several dates.

·        For the thrill seeker
Rock climbing, kayak, zipline or paddleboard outing – buy a class or rent equipment

·        For the friend with family or for your own kids
Consider a pass to a water park, amusement or trampoline park. Try a day of boating, horseback riding, or mini-golf.  

·        For the gourmet
Dinner at a special place or gift certificate for their favorite restaurant.
Tip: It can also be a dinner party at your house!

·        For the cook
Give a cooking class or a personalized lesson in their own kitchen—showing someone how to prepare an heirloom recipe from your personal recipe collection

·        For the aspiring homesteader
Class or workshop to learn pickling, canning, cheese-making and even fermentation

·        For dancers
Dance class coupon for salsa, tango, swing or belly dance

·        For the technology buff
Tickets to a science museum, robotics class or even a tour of their favorite high-tech company

·        For the tinkerer
A subscription to a DIY online magazine in their specific interest, or welding or metalcraft classes

·        For the movie critic
Tickets to see that hot new movie – don’t forget to include the popcorn
Deluxe tip: Some symphonies perform certain movies in concert!

·        For lovers of live performance
Tickets to a concert, the theater or a comedy show

·        For the altruist
Make a donation on their behalf to a personal cause or organization they care about

·        For the commuter
Buy a digital audiobook or give a subscription so they can pick their own 

·        For the intellectual
Find a lecture or panel discussion relevant to their interests and get tickets
Tip: Join them and include post-lecture drinks and a chat about the event

·        For the exhibit lover
Tickets to a local museum or art exhibit
Tip: Need ideas? Check out Yelp’s
top 10 museums in Santa Clara County

·        For the social butterfly
Organize a group activity like bowling, roller skating, ice skating or trivia night at your local bar

·        For the friend you haven’t seen in a while
Invite them to coffee, a drink or a meal and make a point of catching up

·        For the aspiring musician
Instrument or voice lessons with a private teacher or a class
Tip: Music classes are not just for kids—community colleges offer many for adults!

·        For the wine lover
Invite them to a wine tasting at a local winery, or book a class for the more serious oenophile
Tip: bring a picnic and start with a hike before you taste.

What are your favorite Good Times gifts? Share them with us on our Facebook page!​​​


Last updated: 11/15/2018 4:41 PM