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County Mission Statement

Last modified: 3/9/2012 12:57 PM
County Main Building

Mission Statement

The mission of the County of Santa Clara is to
plan for the needs of a dynamic community, provide quality services,
and promote a healthy, safe and prosperous community for all.

Core Values

Demonstrate ethical conduct reflecting honesty and integrity.
As individuals and as an organization, our actions represent responsibility and
accountability. We uphold the principles of equality, fairness, and objectivity.

Commit to efficient, effective, quality service.
We seek continuous improvement.
We collaborate within and across departments for the good of the
customer and community.

Value the community.
We create an inclusive environment that supports the diversity of our community.
We take action to communicate openly and frequently,
encouraging public participation.

Uphold our fiscal responsibility.
We use the resources entrusted to us wisely.
We effectively balance the needs of the community with available resources
while advocating for the best value and best service.

Exhibit mutual respect.
We value employees and recognize the importance of their contribution in service delivery to the community.
We exercise respect and courtesy at all levels of the organization.
We acknowledge differences of opinion exist and while we may differ,
we continue to value effective working relationships.

Encourage innovation and flexibility.
We are receptive to creative suggestions and solutions.
We foster internal and external partnerships
that advance our mission, values, and goals.