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Our Message

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department works to keep all county residents safe and healthy and create environments that contribute to good health. We believe great things start with good health and are focused on protecting and improving the health of everyone who lives and works in Santa Clara County by:


  • Promoting healthy lifestyles for individuals and families.
  • Preventing disease, disability, and premature death and reducing or eliminating health disparities.
  • Protecting the public from unhealthy and unsafe environments.
  • Preparing for, and responding to, public health emergencies.
    Producing and sharing data to inform and evaluate public health status, strategies, and programs.

Our team of dedicated health professionals is working to make sure children grow up healthy; adults have the information and resources they need for better health; food, water, and air are safe; and everyone has equal access to a healthy lifestyle.

The Public Health Department accomplishes our mission through our programs and services, leadership, and collaboration with healthcare providers and our many community partners.


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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.