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Child Care Health Consultant

Within our community, many infants and children attend child care centers, preschools and
family child care homes. Some of these facilities are licensed and some are not. Child care providers do not have access to school nurses or medical doctors to assist them with health and safety concerns or questions. The Child Care Health Consultant is a Public Health Nurse who has extensive experience working with health and safety issues in various child care settings. The Child Care Health Consultant is available to serve the over 5,000 child care providers residing in Santa Clara County.


The Child Care Health Consultant is available to answer questions regarding:

  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Immunization Requirements
  • Infectious Disease (e.g., What is hand, foot and mouth disease?)
  • Child Abuse Identification/Reporting and Prevention
  • Nutritional Information (e.g., What is a healthy snack?)
  • Behavior Concerns (e.g., Trouble toilet training a child?)
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - Tips to help prevent SIDS.
  • Staff Health Issues


The Child Care Health Consultant can also offer:

  • Assistance with developing health policies that help reduce the spread of illness
  • Resources for staff development and parent  education
  • Phone consultations and follow up site visits as needed
  • Resources and education regarding injury prevention and disaster preparedness
  • Consultation and resources for children with  special needs
  • Assistance with health and dental resources and referrals


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Santa Clara County Child Care Health Consultant:
Lynn Chamberlin PHN RN
1993B McKee Road San Jose, Ca 95116
Telephone: 408 937-2254
Fax: 408 937-2252


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