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GOTCH Law for All Patients in Healthcare Facilities

All active or suspect TB patients being discharged from the hospital or transferred to another healthcare facility or congregate setting require prior approval by TB Control. A GOTCH Form must be completed and approval obtained from the TB Controller or Health Officer prior to discharge or transfer. TB Control has 24 hours to review a GOTCH form, to expedite, review and obtain approval please submit an initial GOTCH as soon as a patient is considered a TB suspect or is confirmed to have TB.  When a GOTCH is received, a Public Health Nurse Case Manager is assigned and begins the evaluation of the household to ensure a safe transition home for patients and their families.
Santa Clara County Tuberculosis Report, Transfer and Discharge Plan (GOTCH Form)
The following documentation is routinely requested prior to GOTCH approval. Please provide as soon as possible to facilitate discharge:​
  • Physician notes (including Infectious Disease Consult notes, if any)
  • Medication list (including non-TB medications)
  • TB medication dosages
  • Radiology (Chest X-ray reports, CT reports)
  • Diagnostic testing for TB (i.e. including acid fast bacilli smears, cultures, molecular tests if available and pathology)
  • Documented weight and creatinine  
Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention and Control Program
Public Health Department
976 Lenzen Avenue, Suite 1700
San Jose, CA 95126

Phone: (408) 885-4214
Fax: (408) 885-2331

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