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TB Information for Health Providers

Updated October March 25, 2015


Change in the Tuberculosis (TB) School Mandate: From Universal Testing to Universal Risk Assessment and Targeted Testing
Beginning June 1, 2014, the Santa Clara County Tuberculosis (TB) School Mandate will change from a requirement for universal TB testing to a requirement for universal TB risk assessment.
The new Santa Clara County Public Health Department Risk Assessment for School Entry form will be required for school registration effective June 1, 2014 for all children enrolling in kindergarten or transferring, at any grade level, from outside of Santa Clara County. 
Please discard all prior references to the TB School Mandate and replace with changes in the


Tuberculosis (TB) School Mandate:


School Mandate Packet for Health Care Providers and Schools includes:​



If you have questions about these changes, please contact the TB Prevention and Control Program at (408) 885-4214.
Thank you for helping us protect the health of children in Santa Clara County.

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