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New Grant Will Improve South Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County Public Health Department Receives Million Dollar Federal Grant to Improve Health of South Santa Clara County

October 18, 2012

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. -- The Santa Clara County Public Health Department recently received a federal grant, totaling $1,027,931, to improve the lives of southern Santa Clara County residents.

This “Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Community Transformation Grant” will fund a special project called, “South County: United for Health.” The project targets more than 93,000 residents in Gilroy and Morgan Hill, and parts of unincorporated San Martin. Its goal is to implement long-term solutions to improve the health of low-income and Latino residents. Examples include reducing teen smoking, creating safe parks to promote physical activity and reduce obesity rates, and boosting social-emotional health resources for students.
Data suggests a growing health disparity among Latino or Hispanic residents and other ethnic groups in Santa Clara County. According to a 2012 Santa Clara County Behavioral Risk Factor Survey* for a Latino health assessment report, approximately 68 percent of adults who are Latino or Hispanic are overweight (44 percent) or obese (24 percent). Additionally,11 percent of adults who have been told they have diabetes, are Latino or Hispanic.

The grant work begins in October 2012 and will go through September 2014.
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Note: White, African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander categories do not include Latinos/Hispanics.
Source: Santa Clara County Public Health Department, 2000-2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Survey.




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