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Soda Exchange for Healthy Foods

Families Encouraged to Exchange Sodas for Salads

FIRST 5 will exchange unopened sodas for vouchers to purchase fruits and vegetables at local farmers’ markets

September 18, 2012

Event: This Friday and Saturday, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County, in partnership with the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association, will host a Soda Exchange event at two local farmers’ markets. The events will encourage families to trade in their unopened soda cans and bottles in exchange for vouchers that can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables at the farmers’ market.

The purpose of the events is to raise awareness about the negative health impacts of soda and sugar-sweetened beverages on young children, as well as promote local farmers’ markets as a source of fresh, healthy foods for children and families. Soda Exchange rates can be viewed HERE.

When and Where:

Friday September 21, 2012
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Stevens Creek Boulevard and Wolfe Road, Cupertino, CA


Saturday September 22, 2012
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Hanchett Avenue and The Alameda, San Jose, CA
Who: Local farmers, children and families.


Background: On average, 4 and 5 year olds consume 17 teaspoons of added sugar a day from soda, sugar-sweetened beverages, high fat desserts, and candy. This amounts to 65 pounds of added sugar a year.


However, sugary beverages like soda are the biggest source of added sugar in a child’s diet. According to the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, 4 out of 10 young children in Santa Clara County drink one or more sodas, or other sugar-sweetened beverages, per day -- adding to their daily sugar intake. These levels of sugar intake have drastic impacts on a child’s weight, oral health and overall physical health.

In an effort to provide children and families alternatives to high sugar
beverages and foods, FIRST 5 has actively supported local farmers' markets. FIRST 5 also offers Healthy Food/Healthy You classes at local Family Resource Centers across the County. Each class provides families an
opportunity to make a healthy, seasonal recipe using fresh produce and
provide resources for finding, selecting and storing fresh fruits and vegetables.

The upcoming Soda Exchange will help underscore the physical and oral
health risks associated with soda, and added sugar consumption by young
children, while promoting the healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables
available at local farmers’ markets.

For more information, contact Avo Makdessian, Associate Director of
FIRST 5 Santa Clara County, at (408) 260-3777 or email  Learn more at


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