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"Your Community, Your Health" Video

March 18, 2013

Check out this new YouTube video, which urges teens to make daily healthy choices and asks, "What motivates you to stay healthy?"

The Health Element project received technical assistance from the Greenbelt Alliance (through an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Building Block for Sustainable Protection Grant) to provide an educational video for local youth. Entitled "Your Community, Your Health, the video uses local teens and settings to encourage local youth to make healthy choices and get involved in the County's  Health Element process. Prepared collaboratively by the Greenbelt Alliance, the County's Planning Office and Public Health Department, the video is being actively distributed to area youth centers, schools, and similar venues.

Watch the video here

How your community is designed affects the healthy choices that are available to you.  To find out how you can help shape the future of Santa Clara County, visit


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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.