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EMS Conference - Special Honors Awarded

Community Members and Emergency Medical Responders receive special honors during National Emergency Medical Services Week

Santa Clara County, CA. Various emergency responders and community members were recognized in Santa Clara on Wednesday for their service to the Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services System. The recognition ceremony was held during Santa Clara County’s Annual EMS Week conference. The following people received awards:
Special Recognition Awards
Harry Hall was recognized for his years of service to the County as a Health Advisory Commissioner, Chair of Emergency Medical Services Committee, and for his unwavering support of emergency medical services in Santa Clara County.  Mr. Hall is a retired military officer and local school principal.
Jennifer Sparacino was recognized for decades of public service, where she was a strong supporter of Emergency Medical Services in the City of Santa Clara and Santa Clara County.  She has participated in the development and review of 911 ambulance service contracting, served as the Santa Clara County/City Managers Association representative to the EMS Committee, and has been an advocate for quality emergency medical care and customer service. 
Stakeholder Participation Recognition
The following individuals were recognized for volunteering to serve as the chair of Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services Committees.
John Kraylevich, for his service as the Chair of the Prehospital Providers Committee.  Kraylevich is a paramedic for ProTransport1 Ambulance Service and an instructor at West Med College in San Jose.
Captain Shanna Kuempel, for her service as the Chair of the Medical Control Advisory Committee. Kuempel is a firefighter/paramedic with the Santa Clara County Fire Department.
Dr. John Sherck, for his service as the Chair of the Trauma Quality Improvement Committee.  Sherck is a trauma surgeon and serves as the Trauma Medical Director for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.
Stakeholder Performance Awards
The following individuals received awards based on recommendations from EMS System stakeholders.
Diane St. Denis was recognized for her countless hours of volunteer service to the Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services System.  In addition to her full time duties as registered nurse at Valley Medical Center; Diane serves as a volunteer for the American Red Cross, Santa Clara County Medical Volunteers for Disaster Response, participates in the Every 15 Minutes anti teen drunk driving campaign, and serves on the Medical Mass Care and Sheltering Committee for the County of Santa Clara.  Diane brings calmness to chaotic situations both as a nurse and as a leader among her peers. 
Dr. Joel Levis was recognized for his unwavering support of Emergency Medical Services in Santa Clara County.  Dr. Levis is the EMS Physician Liaison at Kaiser Santa Clara where he provides continuous education to hospital staff and EMS providers.  His pleasant demeanor and genuine interest in insuring that everyone receives courteous and competent medical care is invaluable.  Dr. Levis is a leader within the EMS System, serving on multiple EMS System Stakeholder committees, advisory groups, and quality improvement initiatives in addition to serving as the Medical Director for the Foothill College Paramedic Program.
Christi Nelson was recognized for her outstanding service as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.   Christi was able to direct a 911 caller through the steps necessary to provide cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to his unresponsive mother.  Due to her ability to remain calm and provide technical instructions to the caller, the patient was successfully resuscitated and was discharged from a local hospital a few days later.
While working at the Right Stuff Health Club in Campbell; Brian Carmine, Travis McCormick, and Creed Black responded to aid an unresponsive person in the gym.  Using cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and an automated external defibrillator (AED); they were able to restore breathing and a heart beat prior the arrival of the fire department and County emergency medical services.  The patient was discharged from a local hospital a few days later. This case demonstrates the importance of public access defibrillation and citizen response that resulted in saving a life!
Fire Captain Adam Cheney, Engineer Robert Cone, Firefighter Eric Lyle, Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Leach; Fire Captain Edward Dzuiba, Engineer Jeffery Silva, Engineer Julian Molloy, Firefighter/Paramedic Richard Anderson, Captain James Aparicio; County Paramedic Greg Bowers and EMT Daniel Juszkiewicz were recognized for rendering quality emergency medical care to a 17 year old who suffered a cardiac arrest on the track behind the fire station.  San Jose Fire Department personnel immediately responded and quickly provided defibrillation to the unresponsive patient. Seamless patient care was provided by both the San Jose Fire Department and County EMS personnel.  The 17 year old was discharged from the hospital several days later.




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