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LARGE Portion Sizes Have Become the New (Ab)Normal

The great American road trip is an essential part of most summers. And it wouldn't be complete without stopping off for a bite to eat along the way. But, not only are healthy options on the highway often hard to find, the amount of food we're served has gotten a lot bigger.
Even off the highway, in our very own communities, it's not always easy to find healthy, smaller-sized meals. Servings everywhere have grown, along with our waistlines. Check out the CDC’s newest infographic:
CDC The New (Ab)normalnew

Test your knowledge about portion sizes with this quick quiz:



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its partners have tips on how we can make healthier options more available in our community. Big portion sizes have become the new abnormal, and it's time to scale back.

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CDC: Avoiding Portion Pitfalls
CDC: How to Use Fruits and Vegetables to Manage Your Weight
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CPPW: Wood County, WI Restaurants Make it Easier to Order Healthy Foods


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