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Spare the Air Alerts

Get the Facts, and Spare the Air!
The next time you come across a Spare the Air alert, it means you CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Spare the Air alerts are issued when there is too much smoke and/or pollution in the air.

Did You Know?
• Fact #1: Cold weather traps smoke all around us.
• Fact #2: Wood-burning is illegal in wintertime, both indoors  and outdoors, during Spare the Air alerts.
• Fact #3We average almost 20 Spare the Air alerts every winter.

What You Can Do During a Spare the Air Alert?
• Do not burn any wood.
• Walk, bike, carpool, or take public transit.
• Stay informed.  Sign up to receive a personalized AirAlert
• You can also dial 1-877-466-2876 for more information.
Source: Bay Area Air Quality Management District, 2011 (

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