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Updated October 23, 2013
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations “Continuity of Operations” means making sure that an organization can survive a natural disaster, technological failure, human error or other disruption. In recent times, Continuity of Operations has also meant planning for terrorist related biological, chemical or nuclear attack.  Although many organizations have continuity plans that anticipate disruptions such as fire, earthquake and floods, pandemic influenza demands a different set of continuity assumptions.
The Public Health Department recommends that community and faith-based organizations develop Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP). These plans will help your organization be able to assure your clients and staff’s health and wellbeing. Proactive and timely actions taken in your organization can assist in minimizing the spread of the pandemic influenza.
This information was designed to provide hands-on tools, training materials, preparedness and response resources to assist Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to prepare their staff, agencies and clients for a pandemic influenza outbreak. This information has been created by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department for distribution to local CBOs, and is developed specifically for organizations in Santa Clara County. Many CBOs serve a diverse array of populations who may be more vulnerable during a pandemic, and this guidance was created as a tool to help prepare and protect our community's most vulnerable populations.
CBOs have permission to copy, adapt and use these materials to the greatest extent possible to prepare their agencies, staff, volunteers and clients for a pandemic influenza. In addition to the many resources included in this kit, additional health education materials can be ordered from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.
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This VPOPS "Toolkit" contains:


The federal government has issued specific guidance for organizational pandemic influenza planning, including a planning checklist.


Source: Community Planning


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