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Hospital Birth Recorders

Updated August 3, 2015

Completing Birth Certificates

When you or your staff are initiating birth certificates, it's very important to use the resources listed here:


Out of Hospital Birth Registration

When initiating an out of hospital birth in which the birth was “on campus” (meaning emergency room, lobby, parking lot, waiting room, etc.), as a courtesy the birth recorder will complete a birth certificate. When creating an out of hospital birth certificate, please contact Vital Records and Registration for assistance, if needed.

When an out of hospital birth is being referred to Vital Records and Registration for registration, please provide the parent(s) with the following: 

  • Out of Hospital Birth Packet
  • Vital Records and Registration contact information (See bottom of this web page)
  • Any hospital documentation as proof for mother and newborn
    Example: discharge papers, letter from birth recorder acknowledging the birth, etc.

Please also advise parent(s) that it is important that they contact us as soon as possible, to schedule an appointment to complete the registration for their newborn’s birth to avoid delays.


Ordering Certified Copies

In person forms:

By-Mail Application (English)
By-Mail Application (Spanish)


Mail forms to or contact our office for assistance:

Vital Records and Registration
976 Lenzen Avenue, Ste. 1300
San Jose, 95126 

Phone: 1.408.885.2010 
Fax:    1.408.885.4899 
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays



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