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Los Altos and Los Altos Hills

These profiles contain data on demographics, socioeconomic status, the built environment, safety and violence, and health status for each of the cities and small areas/neighborhoods in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. Small area/neighborhood names and boundaries were defined to better enable reporting data for smaller populations within cities, while being as consistent as possible with pre-existing neighborhoods. In some cases, small areas contain multiple pre-existing neighborhoods and in other cases large pre-existing neighborhoods were split into two or more small areas. In either case, neighborhood names were incorporated into the name of the small area in which they are contained. These profiles will be updated annually.  ​
Los Altos / Los Altos Hills Small Area/Neighborhood Profiles:
Los Altos / Los Altos Hills - North
Los Altos / Los Altos Hills - South
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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.