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Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Workgroup

Updated September 23, 2014
This multi-disciplinary group promotes bicycle and pedestrian safety and the benefits of these healthy forms of transportation through public information, education, and public policy development. The ultimate goal of this group is to decrease bicycle and pedestrian fatalities and injuries, particularly among young children and families. The group currently coordinates the County's Safe Routes to School Program and participates in the International Walk and Bike to School Day.
Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program 
Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a local and nationwide program designed to encourage walking and biking to school through educational, fun activities like Walk and Bike to School Week and support from traffic engineers, police officers, and the school community. The program offers elementary and middle schools a wide array of activities, including "walk-ability/ bike-ability" assessments, bicycle and pedestrian safety education classes or assemblies, bicycle safety rodeos, and parent traffic safety education. 
Benefits of Safe Routes to Schools Program include:
  - improves traffic congestion around schools
  - decreases motor vehicle emissions that pollute the  
  - increases physical activity through walking and bicycling to  
    and from school which in turn improves health, 
    fights obesity, and enhances academic performance
  - increases community involvement
  - provides safe passage for bicycling and walking
If you are a school or community member interested in the SRTS program, download the Santa Clara County Safe Routes to School Brochure to learn more about local SRTS activities. To learn more about national efforts visit National Center for Safe Routes to School and Safe Routes to School National Partnership.
Walk and Bike to School Week
Walk and Bike to School Week is an opportunity for adults to join children in Santa Clara County, and throughout the country to encourage kids to walk and bike safely to school, where it is safe. The event also includes making walking and biking safe where it may not be already. 
Join other Santa Clara County schools on Walk and Bike to School Week and be part of a network of parents, teachers,  community members, and children learning how to make our community more "safe," and experience the joy and health benefits of walking and bicycling to school. To learn more download the Walk and Bike to School manual​.

To get involved in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Workgroup and its projects, contact:
Center for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention
1400 Parkmoor Avenue, Suite 120B
San José, CA 95126
Main Line: 408-793-2700
Fax: 408-793-2731 

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