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Network for a Healthy California - Retail Program

The Retail Program aims to facilitate partnerships between neighborhood stores, community health agencies, worksites, schools and other organizations to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables among CalFresh eligible Californians. The Program provides retailers with a unique variety of tools, resources, and outreach activities to inspire health change among consumers.
Key Activities
The Retail Program provides retailers, in low-income communities, with free merchandising materials to promote increased fruit and vegetable consumption. Items include: seasonal themed posters, recipe cards and in-store radio songs and announcements promoting fruits and vegetables.
The Retail Program conducts food demonstrations at participating grocery stores throughout the Bay Area. The food demonstrations provide valuable information about incorportating more fruits and vegetables into family meals and snacks, how to prepare quick and healthy meals and provide consumer with the skills needed to purchase healthy foods. Consumers are able to taste recipes, see the ingredients prepared, and receive free recipe cards.
The Retail Program also conducts fruit and vegetable tours at participating grocery stores. The tours provide valuable information about how to select, store, and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable store tour leaders also take participants into difference aisles of the store to teach consumers how to select canned and frozen variety of fruits and vegetables by reading nutrition labels.
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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.