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Toolkits and Guides

The environment where a person lives, works, and plays has a tremendous influence on whether individuals make healthy lifestyle choices such as consuming healthy foods and beverages and engaging a physical activity. Being overweight or obese and physically inactive can lead to the development of chronic diseases such as diseases, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer. These chronic diseases have devastating impacts on individuals, communities, and society. The following toolkits are great resources for implementing health and wellness policies in your organization: 

​Employer Wellness Toolkit: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles at the Workplace ​

Making healthy choices, the easy choice in your environment is one proactive way to prevent chronic disease and live a healthy, active lifestyle. The Santa Clara County Employer Wellness Toolkit: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles at the Workplace​ is a useful toolkit designed to help employers create a workplace that encourages a healthy lifestyle and helps employees acquire and maintain healthy habits. Download Employer Wellness Policy Template​.



Salad Bars in Schools Toolkit

New! Salad Bar in Schools Toolkit is NOW available to download. This is a useful guide for implementing a salad bar into your school program.

​ ​



Underage Drinking and Driving Panel Presentation: A Facilitator's Guide
Check out this guide The Underage Drinking and Driving: A Facilitator's Guide for Organizing Panel Presentations and Discussion Groups for Parents provides detailed instructions on how to set-up and facilitate panel presentations that address teen driver safety. The guide includes a PowerPoint slideshow with talking points



DUI Court in the Schools - A How-to-Guide

The DUI Court in the Schools: A How-to-Guide was created based on the successful DUI Court in the Schools program. The Guide provides step-by-step instructions to develop the program while allowing agencies flexibility to meet the unique needs of their communities.​


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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.