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Center for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention



Chronic diseases and injuries/violence are responsible for at least 4 of every 5 deaths in Santa Clara County. Cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease are the top five causes of death in this County. Many deaths are preventable and tied to unhealthy behaviors or lifestyles. Among the leading causes of preventable death are: tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, alcohol abuse and misuse, and motor vehicle crashes.

The Center for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, in coordination with other local health agencies and community partners, work together to reduce death and disabilities through preventing chronic diseases and injuries by working on policies and organizational changes designed to create and support healthier environments so that residents of Santa Clara County can live, work and play in healthy, safe, and livable communities. This is accomplished by increasing access to healthy and safe environments, healthier food options, physical activity through culturally appropriate education, policy development, and leverage community engagement, and local and regional leadership.

The Center for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention (CDIP) works in various sectors to implement programs and initiatives, and is a convener of collaboratives to work together on education and promotion of environmental changes to support a healthy community by enhancing opportunities where people can live, work and play. The following are the Center's priority areas in creating a healthier Santa Clara County:


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To learn more about the Center for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention and other related efforts, please contact:
Center for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention
1400 Parkmoor Avenue, Suite 120 B
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: 408-793-2700
Fax: 408-793-2731 

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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.