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Welcome to Santa Clara County’s Community Health Improvement Project


Our Vision 
Santa Clara County is a community united to eliminate health disparities, creating healthy environments, positive health outcomes and optimal quality of life for all.


Our Values
Our values include being creative, strategic, action-oriented, visible, diverse, transparent, culturally competent, resourceful, inclusive of silent communities, dynamic, sharing responsibilities, having a long-term view, aligning and leveraging existing efforts, creating cross-sector change and achieving health equity for all.


Our Partners
CHA-CHIP Steering Committee consists of representatives from a wide array of sectors in Santa Clara County, who share their expertise, identify resources, support and oversee the planning efforts to ensure broad representation in this process.  Together, we hope to improve the health of Santa Clara County and confront urgent health inequalities.





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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.