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Injury and Violence Prevention

Violence is a serious public health problem, but one that is preventable.

  • Violence is a leading cause of injuries, disabilities and premature death.
  • Violence is a significant disparity, disproportionately effecting people of color and young people.
  • Violence increases the risk of poor health outcomes.
In addition to injury, disability and death, the health consequences of violence may include chronic disease and an increased risk for health-related behaviors such as smoking, eating disorders, substance abuse and decreased physical activity. Evidence suggests that increased exposure to violence may lead to increased asthma symptoms and the stress associated with trauma and fear of violence can impair the immune system. 
The Injury and Violence Prevention Unit is focused on primary prevention strategies. Primary prevention promotes healthy environments and behaviors to prevent problems from occurring BEFORE the onset of symptoms such as violence and disease.
In Santa Clara County, there have been some improvement in numerous violence-related indicators over the past decade, however, the disparities among population subgroups are stark and call for priority action.

Groups most affected by violence include people of color, males and youth/young adults ages 15-24. Females are more likely than males to experience intimate partner violence, elder maltreatment and sexual abuse.
Public Health Approach to Violence Population-Based

  • Focuses on Prevention
  • Reduces Risk Factors
  • Increases Protective Factors
Andrea Flores Shelton, Injury and Violence Prevention Coordinator, 408-793-2783
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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.