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Death Registration

Death certificates and permits for disposition of human remains are usually prepared by a funeral director and signed by a physician. For the Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases, click here

Violent, Sudden or Medically Unattended Death
The Medical Examiner-Coroner (MEC) is responsible to investigate all violent, sudden or medically unattended deaths within the county. If autopsy/ toxicology reports are not immediately available, a death certificate may be prepared with the causes listed as "Pending." Once the cause-of-death is known, the MEC submits an amendment for registration. Contact the MEC office for more information or timelines at 1(408) 793-1900. 

Purchasing a Death Certificate


Your funeral director will order death certificates for you, at your request, according to the fee schedule below:

​  Fees 
​ Death Certificate ​$21
​ Death Search ​$21
 Fetal death certificate ​$18
​ Still Birth $9
​ Burial Permit / Refile ​​$12
​ Transit Letter (English / Spanish) ​$20
If you need additional certificates, the Santa Clara County Office of the Clerk-Recorder offers death certificates for sale online, through mail-order, or in person.

Correcting or Amending Certificates

The California State Office of Vital Records (OVR) has published a variety of informative pamphlets that describe different amendment options.  Not sure which form you need? Try looking on our Frequently Asked Questions page, or call us at 1(408) 885-2010 for more information.
Original forms must be used and submitted to the state. Forms can be obtained from our office, a local registrar office in another county, any County Recorder’s office, or ordered online from the California State OVR Forms page.

Pamphlet Type


Burial Permit


If you need to change the location of your loved one's remains, you will need a new burial permit - this is called "refiling." A funeral director can arrange this for you, or you can do it yourself. To refile yourself, please bring these documents to our office during business hours:
  • Original death certificate
  • Copy of most recent burial permit
  • Proof of identity
  • Permission from the Informant (as listed on the Death Certificate)
  • Name and address of where remains will be taken


Vital Records and Registration
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Phone: 1(408) 885-2010 
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