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CCS Therapy Activities

CCS Therapy Newsletters

The quarterly CCS Therapy Newsletters highlight various patients, therapists, programs, and resources related to the CCS MTP.


OT Cooking Group

Jenifer Ngo-Wong, OTR runs a weekly OT cooking group that whips up a variety of yummy meals and treats while practicing adaptive skills, improving fine motor function, and enjoy some quality social time. Check out pictures from the cupcake making day.


Serial Casting

Santa Clara County CCS provides in-house lower extremity serial casting with our skilled PT staff to improve range of motion and progress gross motor skills.


Parent Appreciation BBQ

The CCS Parent Appreciation BBQ was a great chance for kids, parent, and staff to enjoy some time away from the gym in a fun and social setting. Pictures from the event can be viewed here.




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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.