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Needle Exchange Program

The Needle Exchange Program is a one-for-one syringe exchange program. We provide new needles in exchange for old needles. We also provide mobile HIV testing, safe disposal of used needles, condoms, and information and referrals for HIV and substance abuse treatment services.

In 2006, syringe exchange was made legal in California. The Needle Exchange Program has been approved by the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors, as permitted by HS Code 11364.7.
While drug use is not legal, this program is based on a harm reduction model that works to control the spread of blood borne viruses. The bill was passed to stop the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C infection in drug users. 
Clients can enroll in the program by filling out an anonymous one page form. Clients will receive a membership card that they will need to bring every time they come to the Needle Exchange Program.  Client will be able to exchange needles the same day they join.  


​What to Expect at the Locations 

  • We will not ask clients for their name or contact information.
  • Clients must bring their Sharps container of used needles to the exchange site.
  • If the needles are not returned in a Sharps container, we will provide the client with one.  
  • For the safety of the staff, clients will be asked to put used needles into a Sharps container for disposal.
  • Clients will receive new needles, a Sharps container, condoms, hygiene kits, and other safer injection supplies as needed.
  • Free rapid HIV tests are available and encouraged at the time of first visit.

 Safe Injection Tips​

  • Always use a new needle, filter, cooker, and sterile or boiled drinking water every time you inject. 
  • Never share needles, filters, cookers or other equipment.
  • Before injecting, wash your hands and clean your skin with an alcohol swab or at least soap and water.
  • Choose different areas on your body when injecting to reduce damage to vein and skin tissue.  
  • Do not recap your needle. 
  • Put used needles and cookers into a Sharps container.
  • Bring your used needles to one of our needle exchange sites.

For more information contact us
Needle Exchange Program
976 Lenzen Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: 1(408)792-5529
No exchange services on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 

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