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HIV Prevention

HIV is a community issue and one that still generates a great deal of misunderstanding and fear. With an estimated one out of seven HIV-positive Americans unaware of their infection, increased opportunities for testing are critical. You can take proper steps in knowing your HIV status and remaining safe to help stop the spread of HIV.

We are here to help! We offer free, confidential and anonymous HIV testing as well as other prevention services. 
It is very important that you understand your risk for HIV. The following HIV prevention guidelines are your best hope for reducing your risk and the risk of our community:
  • Avoid vaginal, oral or anal sex (best way to prevent STDs).
  • Limit your number of sex partners.
  • Use latex condoms consistently and correctly.
  • Always use a latex condom during vaginal and anal sex.
  • Use a latex condom for oral sex on a penis.
  • Use a latex barrier (dental dam or condom cut in half) for oral sex on a vagina or anus.
  • Limit or avoid use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Don’t share drug needles, cotton or cookers.
  • Don’t share needles for tattooing or piercing.
  • Notify sex and needle-sharing partners immediately if HIV-infected.
The above services and  information can all be accessed on the gray sidebar when maneuvering throughout the site.

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