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Communities in Action

Updated May 6, 2014

Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community (HS4HC)

Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community (HS4HC) is a statewide collaborative campaign with tobacco, alcohol, and nutrition partners. The goal is to improve the health of Californians through changes in the store environment and highlighting how marketing of tobacco, alcohol, and junk food products influences consumption of unhealthy products. Click on the video links below and hear from local partners about how retailers' can create a healthier environment in their community.


Youth in Action: Success in promoting smoke-free parks!

Youth in Action.jpgYouth in Santa Clara County participated in a mini-grant project to explore how tobacco impacts their community, and took action to lessen the impact. Youth planned and carried out community action projects to promote smoke-free parks, such as tobacco litter clean ups, collecting support letters, recruiting their peers and community leaders, and sharing results with their decision makers. Watch the video to see why they got involved, what their hopes are for future generations and how they were so successful! Click on image to view video.


Tobacco-Free Youth Voice Showcase

Tandem_Tobacco_Cut_2_H264 001_0001.jpgCommunity Advocate Teens of Today (CATT), operated with funding support from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, began to actively organize their peers around tobacco-prevention efforts in the community. Through a mini-grant project administered by Santa Clara County sub-contractor California Youth Advocacy Network, CATT was able to expand their partnerships to 50 local youth, who developed eight video projects aimed at highlighting the health community impacts of tobacco from their perspective - many of which focused on creation of smoke-free parks. These projects were showcased at a February 2012 event attended by elected officials and community partners. The video highlights the showcase event, the youth's projects and successful community action in the Santa Clara County community. Click on image to view video


The Danger Still There

Linda Roma - the dangers still there 001_0001.jpgLocal health advocate and Tobacco Free Coalition member, Linda Roma, speaks to why she continues to be involved in the fight for greater protections from tobacco! Click on image to view video.




Reaching More People, Saving More Lives

Breathe CA - reaching more people 001_0001.jpgAs the local lung health leader, Breathe California of the Bay Area fights lung disease in all its forms and works with its communities to promote lung health. Breathe believes the most significant impact on people's lives takes place through local interaction.

Through education, political advocacy, cutting-edge research and patient services, Breathe uses a comprehensive approach to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the impact of lung disease.

Click image to view video.


Quitting is Easier With Support

Breathe CA - quitting is easier with support 001_0001.jpgQuitting smoking is a big decision. Once it is made, there are many nicotine replacement therapies to aid people in becoming an ex-smoker. Having those options available and accessible means a much better chance to lead a tobacco-free life. Click on image to view video.



Santa Clara County Needs Tobacco Retail Licensing

SCC Needs TRL.jpgThe Santa Clara County Tobacco Retail License (TRL) PSA was created by Community Advocate Teens of Today (CATT) tobacco youth coalition, the Tobacco Free Coalition of Santa Clara County, and the Healthy Milpitas Campaign. Community Media Access Program produced the film. The video features youth and adult tobacco prevention advocates who speak to the critical need for cities in Santa Clara County to create tobacco retail policies to prevent youth access to tobacco. As of May 2012, of the 15 cities in Santa Clara County, the County unincorporated and city of San Jose have a tobacco retail licensing: both jurisdictions have seen dramatice decreases in tobacco sales to minors after their TRL was implemented. Click on image to view video.


I Want To Be A Role Model

Gilroy - I want to be a role model 001_0001.jpgYouth advocates from Gilroy High School in California talk about why they are involved in advocating for reducing the influence of tobacco and alcohol in their community, and what they hope and envision for their community for future generations. Click on image to view video.



Visit the Tobacco Free Coalition of Santa Clara County Vimeo Channel to view these video clips and more.


To learn more about Tobacco-Free Communities in Santa Clara County, contact:

Center for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention (CDIP)

1400 Parkmoor Avenue, Suite 120 B
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: 408-793-2700
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