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Preparedness Outreach Materials

So many people become sick with the flu each year.  That's why it's important for individuals and family members to be prepared with all the recommended supplies.

Don't be left behind.  Make sure you have a plan for yourself and your family this flu season.

The "Home Care Guide for Pandemic Flu" can be used to help will help you prepare at home in caring for your sick family or household members.  The Guide includes the following tools:
  • Lists of emergency supplies that can be used during any emergency, as well as supplies needed specifically for pandemic influenza.
  • Guidelines on how to limit the spread of disease at home.
  • Instructions on how to take care of sick family or household members safely and effectively.
  • Basic information about pandemic flu, avian flu and other topics.

The Home Care Guide for Pandemic Flu is available in two PDF versions, as well as in Spanish & Vietnamese.  Click on any of the links below for more information:

The "Your Guide to Preparing for Pandemic Influenza" pocket guide is available as a download in the languages below:



Health Education Posters

Help prevent the spread of germs by displaying these posters at your home, work or school.  Download them below (click to enlarge):

Limit Spread germs

Limit spread Germs

Wash You Hands

N1N1 Poster

H1N1 Poster

Prevent Spread Vietnames poster

H1N1 poster

Emergency Supplies Checklists

Use the following checklists to help determine what type of emergency supplies you'll need, and in what quantities, for your household.  It's a good idea to gradually buy items now so that you have at least a two-week supply of food, water, and emergency & home care supplies for each person in your household.



Download the Pocket Guide to Emergency Preparedness:


Download English version - Pocket Guide to Emergency Preparedness


Download Vietnamese version - Pocket Guide to Emergency Preparedness

Download Spanish version - Pocket Guide to Emergency Preparedness
To request a pick-up of free hardcopy prints of the Pocket Guide to Emergency Preparedness, contact Cora Gargarita at (408) 792-5046 or email

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