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Santa Clara County Better Health Pharmacy

Welcome to Better Health Phramacy 

Medication Access for All  
NO controlled drugs, NO insurance, NO copays 

Please call our pharmacy during business hours for inventory check. 

All medications require a valid prescription from a doctor. A valid prescription must be an original (not a copy), written, signed and dated by a doctor within the last year, and brought to the pharmacy or faxed to the pharmacy from the doctor’s office.

Under current California drug donation laws, we CANNOT accept medication donations from individuals (only from specific, regulated facilities). If you have unwanted medications, it is important that you dispose of them safely. Please do not dispose of them in your trash, down the drain or in your toilet. Click here for a list of Santa Clara County drop-off locations for unwanted medications.


Hours of Operation:

Monday:       4 - 8 pm
Tuesday:      4 - 8 pm
Wednesday: 4 - 8 pm
Saturday:      9 am - 1 pm


About Us

We are the first dedicated drug donation pharmacy in Northern California, and we receive donated medications directly from donors. Our pharmacy accepts any valid prescription, serving patients who cannot afford their medications. 


Unused Medication Wastage:

  • Financial cost of medications discarded annually in skilled nursing facilities
  • US: $2 billion4
  • California: $100 million8
  • Potential to salvage 10 million prescriptions worth ~$700 million2,3 

Need for Free Medications:

  • About 23% of American adults miss doses or skip prescriptions due to cost4
  • Restricted access to medications associated with5:
    • Worsened health outcomes
    • Increased risk of cardiovascular events
  • Other possible consequences:
    • About half families filing for bankruptcies due to healthcare debt6
    • Over $18 billion dollars spent on Emergency Department visits that could be avoided with proper primary care7 

California Legislation to Redistribute Donated Medications (PDF)


Disposing of Unused Drugs Harms Our Environment and Our Health.
Unused medication is currently dumped or burned and ends up in our waterways and our air.

1 in 3 water samplesmedicine redistribution prevents up to 30,000 pounds of waste


over 25 states showed pharmaseudicals in thier waterwaysmedical waste incinerators area the United States' third largest waste contributor


Disposing of Unused Drugs Harms Our Environment & Health2

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Santa Clara County Better Health Pharmacy
725 East Santa Clara Street, Suite 202
San Jose, CA 95112
(Click address for Google map)
Phone: (408) 794-0564
Fax: (408) 294-6305
Frequently Asked Questions
We are a non-profit facility. Because our medications are donated to us, we offer them to you at no charge and with no copays. There is NO CASH in the pharmacy.
California medication donation laws do not allow us to receive and dispense controlled drugs. These include pain medications like Norco, Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin, Codeine; anxiety medications like Ativan & Valium; ADHD medications like Adderall & Ritalin, etc. 
​California’s Good Samaritan Law, Health and Safety Code Section 150200, allows for many types of eligible donors to Better Health Pharmacy. However, currently the majority of the medications are donated from licensed, in good standing, skilled nursing facilities throughout California.
Our pharmacy is licensed by the California Board of Pharmacy. All of our donating facilities are also licensed and pass our donor criteria. All donated medications are inspected once received by our pharmacy staff. Before dispensing, a pharmacist has to inspect the medication as well.

Anyone with a valid prescription, and provided we must have the medication in stock, can receive medication from the Better Health Pharmacy.

Because our medications are all donated, their supply rates can vary.  When donations of a certain medication become less frequent, we will run out of stock.  We recommend our patients call ahead to check availability. 
Our medication supplies are not guaranteed each time since we cannot predict what will be donated to us. In this case, we can have your prescription transferred to another pharmacy. Depending on your prescription coverage, you may be charged at the other pharmacy. 
​You can call the pharmacy at (408) 794-0564.

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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.