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Population COVID-19 Tracking

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office strives to keep our employees and the community informed about our exposure to COVID-19. The Public Health Department has implemented an interactive COVID-19 Dashboard that has the latest information on case, hospital, and lab testing data for Santa Clara County. The tables below have the latest information for the Sheriff's Office:

On 7/29/2020, there were a total of nine M8B patients associated with a COVID outbreak; index patient #1 from testing, followed by fifteen more from mass screening. Index patient #1 was scheduled to go to dental and was subsequently COVID tested prior to his appointment. It came back positive, so the entire dorm was tested and that produced fifteen more positives. Initially, all were asymptomatic and later two of them became symptomatic. The origin and degree of the outbreak is unknown at this time, so all M8 visiting has been suspended. 

Currently, COVID positive patients are housed in single-cells, under quarantine, and restricted movement status. They are under 24-hour medical care/observation.

M8B is deemed ‘exposed’ and thus exposure protocols were set in place requiring Day-1, Day-5 and Day-12 COVID testing. Due to the high risk of exposure in this unit, only small groups (four inmates max) have been allowed out of their cells at the same time. COVID Informational flyers have been distributed and posted in the unit by Custody and CHS staff to educate inmates about COVID-19. Inmates are reminded to social-distance and strongly encouraged to use face coverings or risk out-of-cell restrictions. Custody Health leadership has designed a plan to regularly test all staff (sworn and professional) beginning soon.

As previously expressed, we are concerned about the health and welfare of those in our care and are committed to providing the best c​ustody and medical services possible.


Please refer to the daily jail population report for the most up-to-date information regarding our current inmate population.


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Last updated: 8/4/2020 9:56 AM