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Request to post Bail Agent or Criminal Defense Attorney information in County Jail Facilities

Pursuant to Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Policy 3.60​, bail agents and criminal defense attorneys who have an office in and do business in Santa Clara County may submit a request to have their information posted in County jail facilities.  

To request a listing, complete this form by Tuesday, December 15, 2020. All applicable questions must be answered, and only complete forms will be considered. 

PLEASE NOTE: A bail bond agent, company, or attorney/law firm is limited to one listing.  Multiple listings from bail agents or attorneys affiliated with the same company/firm are not permitted.  Individuals using the same phone number or address, or included as endorsed agents with a company/firm’s California Department of Insurance Bail Agent Corporation License, are presumed to be affiliated with the same company/firm.  Individuals who are sole proprietors of multiple companies/firms may submit only one request.​​​​​​​​​​

11. Please answer either subsection (a) or (b).

(b). For Law Firms and Attorneys:

12. Certifications
Last updated: 10/19/2020 10:41 AM