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Media Credentials

Press/Media Credentials:
Press/Media Credentials are issued to news media representatives employed by newspapers, electronic media, etc., which maintain regular news services in Santa Clara County and California.
To request for a credential, please submit a letter from the editor of your media organization on official letterhead to the Media Relations Unit for processing and approval.  The letter can be submitted via email to OR Fax (408) 283-0562 OR you can mail it to:
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office
55 W Younger Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110
The news media does not have authority to be within a crime scene or area which has been secured to preserve evidence, or where their presence may jeopardize police operations. Sheriff lines are established to prevent persons from entering the area of a serious criminal incident or crime scene. Authorization for entry is dependent upon the decision of the lead investigator, Media Relations Unit, and the possession of a departmental identification card.
Members of the news media are not exempt from municipal, state, or federal statutes.
Last updated: 7/26/2018 11:34 AM