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Sheriff's Identification Unit (SIU)


The mission of the SIU is to provide timely, efficient, and quality fingerprint identification services in support of local criminal investigations, through a countywide system linked to state and national fingerprint and criminal history databases.

General Information


Here is what the new Sheriff's Identification Unit (SIU) Latent Print envelope will look like. Law Enforcement representatives, when submitting latent prints to the Sheriff's Identification Unit (SIU) are encouraged to use this envelope. You may use an oversized envelope or box to submit latent print lifts that will not fit into this envelope. Call the Sheriff's Office Identification Unit (SIU) at (408) 808-4750 to refresh your supply when needed.

Please do NOT call the Sheriff's Identification Unit  (SIU) for LiveScan Appointments.

Last updated: 6/12/2020 11:19 AM