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General Information

What is the P.O.S.T Basic Academy?
The P.O.S.T. Basic Academy is a P.O.S.T. Certified 26-week long training program which trains recruits to become Peace Officers in the State of California.  The P.O.S.T. Basic Academy consists of 42 Learning Domains where recruits are tested and evaluated.  The Academy also includes training in Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC), firearms, defensive tactics, and scenarios that must be passed in order to graduate.​
What is the S.T.C Adult Corrections Core Academy?
The S.T.C. Adult Corrections Core is a S.T.C. Certified 12-14 week long training program which trains recruits to become Correctional Peace Officers in the State of California.  The S.T.C. Adult Corrections Core Academy consists of job knowledge tests where recuirts are tested and evaluated.  The Academy also includes training in laws of arrest, firearms, defensive tactics, and scenarios that must be passed in order to graduate.​​​
How can I prepare for the Academy?
You will be provided the basic necessities as a new recruit in the Academy. If you are serious about a career in law enforcement, you should be working on your physical conditioning as well as mental preparation. Know what "Academy Life" is like so you have a better understanding of what will be expected of you. Research the agency you are applying for so you have a better understanding of the philosophy and expectations.​
Are you currently hiring?
We are currently NOT accepting applications for Deputy Sheriff Cadet, Deputy Sheriff - Lateral, Sheriff's Correctional Deputy Cadet, Sheriff's Correctional Deputy - Lateral. 
How do I register for the written exam?
Once you have submitted your online application at, you will receive an email confirming it has been accepted. The email will also include instructions on how to self-register for a test date and time.​ 
Does the Sheriff's Office accept T-Scores?
We are now accepting P.O.S.T. Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) T-Scores for the Deputy Sheriff Cadet position.  A T-Score of 48 or higher is considered passing.  We do not accept T-Scores for the Sheriff's Correctional Deputy Cadet position at this time.​
What should I study prior to taking the written exam?
The written exam is made up of basic forms of reading comprehension, grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, and spelling.  There are numerous online resources that are available pertaining to Entry Level Law Enforcement or Correctional Officer Exams. ​​
Where do I go for the written examination, and what happens if I fail?
After your application is accepted and you meet the minimal hiring requirements, you will be informed of when and where the next written test will occur.  If you fail the written exam, you are eligible to reapply online and take the next written exam.​​
Can I apply for both Deputy Sheriff and Sheriff's Correctional Deputy at the same time?
Yes, you are strongly encouraged to apply for both classifications if you meet the basic requirements. You must apply for both prior to taking the written exams, otherwise you only qualify for that one position.  Each classification has its own unique written exams.​
How long does it take to get hired?
It can take anywhere between 6-9 months to complete a full background investigation on a candidate.​
Last updated: 8/27/2018 8:10 AM