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The BayFriendly Principles of Sustainability

What is sustainable landscaping based on?

Sustainable landscaping's purpose is to maximize efficiency and minimize impact.  

Overarching goals are for a landscape to:

  • Uphold values for health and safety, wildlife and the environment
  • Endure over the long term without using excessive resources
  • Use natural functions and processes so landscapes maintain themselves

Direction on how to achieve these goals comes from the eight principles established by ReScape California, also known as BayFriendly. These provide guidance in key areas that lead towards a healthy and efficient ecosystem, waste reduction, resource conservation and pollution prevention. 

  1. Act Local
  2. Reduce Waste
  3. Nurture Soil
  4. Sequester Carbon
  5. Save Water
  6. Conserve Energy
  7. Protect Water & Air
  8. Create Habitat​​


Last updated: 10/21/2019 1:00 PM