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Program Policy: CalFresh

Published on: 4/11/2017 4:30 PM

This page contains all of the policy documents related to the CalFresh program. To open a document, click the underlined text in the "Name" column. Clicking the buttons below will scroll the page down to the Update and Policy Interpretation sections.

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​Handbook Chapters

fs.bkIXCalFresh Handbook Index
fs.bkTOCCalFresh Handbook Table of Contents
fschap01Chapter 1: Thrifty Food Plan and Income Test Limits
fschap02Chapter 2: Charts, Tables, and Miscellaneous
fschap03Chapter 3: Application
fschap04Chapter 4: Authorized Representative
fschap05Chapter 5: Social Security Number Requirements
fschap06Chapter 6: Verifications
fschap07Chapter 7: Expedited Services
fschap08Chapter 8: Notice of Action (NOA)
fschap09Chapter 9: Household Composition
fschap10Chapter 10: Excluded and Non-Household Members
fschap11Chapter 11: Categorically Eligible (CE) Households
fschap12Chapter 12: Homeless Households
fschap13Chapter 13: Adding or Deleting a Person
fschap14Chapter 14: Residence, Citizenship, and Immigration Status
fschap15Chapter 15: Resources [63-501]
fschap16Chapter 16: Certification Periods
fschap17Chapter 17: Recertification
fschap18Chapter 18: Income Tests
fschap19Chapter 19: Income Definitions and Exemptions
fschap20Chapter 20: Income Deductions
fschap21Chapter 21: Shelter Deductions
fschap22Chapter 22: Budgeting Concepts
fschap23Chapter 23: Change Reporting Requirements
fschap24Chapter 24: Semi-Annual Reporting Requirements
fschap25Chapter 25: SAR 7 Processing
fschap26Chapter 26: Supplemental Payments/Claims
fschap27Chapter 27: Work Registration
fschap28Chapter 28: Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs)- Work Requirements
fschap29Chapter 29: Institutional Dependents
fschap30Chapter 30: Students
fschap31Chapter 31: California Food Assistance Program (CFAP)
fschap32Chapter 32: Emergency Food Stamp Assistance in Disaster
fschap33Chapter 33: Disaster Issuance Procedures
fschap34Chapter 34: Transitional CalFresh Benefits
fschap35Chapter 35: Issuance/EBT
fschap36Chapter 36: Inter County Transfer
fschap37Chapter 37: Reserved for Future Use
fschap38Chapter 38: Reserved for Future Use
fschap39Chapter 39: Reserved for Future Use
fschap40Chapter 40: Reserved for Future Use
fschap41Chapter 41: Reserved for Future Use
fschap42Chapter 42: Reserved for Future Use


Handbook Updates

fs18-01.updUpdate 18-01: Handbook Revision- Guidance on Non-Citizen Eligibility
fs17-12.updUpdate 17-12: The Exclusion of AmeriCorps Payments as Income
fs17-11.updUpdate 17-11: Treatment of Non-Minor Dependent (NMD) Foster Care Income
fs17-10.updUpdate 17-10: Elderly Simplified Application Project for Elderly/Disabled Households
fs17-09.updUpdate 17-09: CalFresh Standard Medical Deduction (SMD) for Elderly/Disabled Households
fs17-08.updUpdate 17-08: Changes to the Inter-County Process
fs17-07.updUpdate 17-07: Treatment of IHSS Wages
fs17-06.updUpdate 17-06: Errata to CalFresh Update 2015-11: Returned Mail
fs17-05.updUpdate 17-05: Victims of Domestic Violence (DV): Implementation of Assembly Bill 2057
fs17-04.updUpdate 17-04: Student Eligibility
fs17-03.updUpdate 17-03: CalFresh Eligibility and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Suspsense Status
fs17-02.updUpdate 17-02: Public Charge and CalFresh
fs17-01.updUpdate 17-01: Able-Bodied Adult without Dependents (ABAWD) 36-Month Fixed Statewide Clock
fs16-07.updUpdate 16-07: CalFresh Regulation and Policy Questions and Answers
fs16-06.updUpdate 16-06: Revised Application for CalFresh Benefits (CF) 285 and Recertification form (CF 37)
fs16-05.updUpdate 16-05: Expedited Service (ES) Entitlement and Application Processing
fs16-04.updUpdate 16-04: Elimination of Change Reporting Q&As
fs16-03.updUpdate 16-03:Fresh Success Program
fs16-02.updUpdate 16-02: Withdrawing Application
fs16-01.updUpdate 16-01: Elimination of Change Reporting in CalFresh
fs15-11.updUpdate 15-11: Residency
fs15-10.updUpdate 15-10: New Definition of Fleeing Felon and Probation Parole Violators
fs15-09.updUpdate 15-09: Use of the Separate SAWS 1 for CalFresh
fs15-08.updUpdate 15-08: CalFresh Student Eligibility
fs15-07.updUpdate 15-07: Addendum, Clarification, Erratum to CalFresh Update 2015-2
fs15-06.updUpdate 15-06: CF 37: New Form for the Recertification (RC) of Nonassistance CalFresh (NACF)
fs15-05.updUpdate 15-05: Income Reporting Threshold (IRT) for the CalFresh Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) Households
fs15-04.updUpdate 15-04: End of Recertification Interview Waiver for Elderly and Disabled Households
fs15-03.updUpdate 15-03: Revised Forms: AR 3, SAR 3, SAR 7, SAR 7A, SAWS 2A SAR, CW 8, CW 8A
fs15-02.updUpdate 15-02: CalFresh Supplemental Form for Special Medical Deductions (CF 31)
fs15-01.updUpdate 15-01: Changes in Eligibility for Individuals with a Prior Felony Drug Conviction
fs14-14.updUpdate 14-14: Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) System Questions and Answers (Q&A)
fs14-13.updUpdate 14-13: Additional State Utility Assistance Subsidy (SUAS) Program Guidance
fs14-12.updUpdate 14-12: Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) Statewide Waiver for FFY 2015
fs14-11.updUpdate 14-11: Resource Limit Changes for Non-Assistance CalFresh Households
fs14-10.updUpdate 14-10: Modified Categorical Eligibility (MCE)
fs14-09.updUpdate 14-09: Establishing Overissuance Claims
fs14-08.updUpdate 14-08: State Utility Assistance Subsidy
fs14-07.updUpdate 14-07: Work Incentive Nutritional Supplement (WINS) Program
fs14-06.updUpdate 14-06: Changes to the "Heat and Eat" (LIHEAP) Program
fs14-05.updUpdate 14-05: Adding or Deleting a Person (Chapter 13)
fs14-04.updUpdate 14-04: Erratum to CalFresh Update #2013-6
fs14-03.updUpdate 14-03: New "Reminder Letter" for Incomplete Semi-Annual Reports (SAR 90)
fs14-02.updUpdate 14-02: Verification of Dependent Care Expenses in CalFresh
fs13-17.updUpdate 13-17: Revised SAWS Application Forms
fs13-16.updUpdate 13-16: CalFresh Administrative Error Overissuances
fs13-15.updUpdate 13-15: Intercounty Transfer (ICT)
fs13-14.updUpdate 13-14: Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) Questions and Answers (Q&As)
fs13-13.updUpdate 13-13: Transitional CalFresh Eligibility Exclusions
fs13-12.updUpdate 13-12: Implementation of Assembly Bill (AB) 402
fs13-11.updUpdate 13-11: Homeless Youth
fs13-10.updUpdate 13-10: Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) Statewide Waiver for FFY 2014
fs13-09.updUpdate 13-09: New and Revised Forms for the Semi-Annual Reporting System
fs13-08.updUpdate 13-08: Clarification to CalFresh Update 2012-17 Modified Categorical Eligibility
fs13-07.updUpdate 13-07: Waiving The Recertification Interview for Non-Assistance Elderly or Disabled Households with No Earnings
fs13-06.updUpdate 13-06: Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) Implementation
fs13-05.updUpdate 13-05: Erratum to CalFresh Update 2011-05 Sponsor Deeming, Indigent Noncitizen Determination & Sponsor Income Verification
fs13-04.updUpdate 13-04: Overview of Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR)
fs13-03.updUpdate 13-03: Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)/Heat and Eat Program for Homeless Households
fs13-02.updUpdate 13-02: The Annual Reporting/Child Only (AR/CO) System Questions and Answers
fs13-01.updUpdate 13-01: Regulation Changes on Expedited Service (ES)
fs12-17.updUpdate 12-17: Clarification of CalFresh Modified Categorical Eligibility (MCE)
fs12-16.updUpdate 12-16: Implementation of the Heat and Eat program for CalFresh (LIHEAP)
fs12-14.updUpdate 12-14: CalFresh Households with an Elderly/Disabled Member as Change Reporting Households
fs12-13.updUpdate 12-13: Annual Reporting/Child Only (AR/CO) System
fs12-12.updUpdate 12-12: Verification Requirements
fs12-11.updUpdate 12-11: Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD)Statewide Waiver for FFY 2013
fs12-10.updUpdate 12-10: Restoration of Eligibility and Benefits for CalFresh
fs12-09.updUpdate 12-09: Subject: Lopez vs. Wagner Settlement Agreement- Intentional Program Violations
fs12-08.updUpdate 12-08: CalFresh Trafficking Violations
fs12-07.updUpdate 12-07: Expedited Services (ES) Policies and Procedures
fs12-06.updUpdate 12-06: CalFresh Application Process for Foster Youth
fs12-05.updUpdate 12-05: Restaurant Meals Program (RMP)
fs12-04.updUpdate 12-04: Sanction Policy Period for Refusal to Cooperate in a Quality Control Review
fs12-03.updUpdate 12-03: Treatment of Child Support Exclusion
fs12-02.updUpdate 12-02: Treatment of Refugee Reception and Placement (R&P) Income & Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) Payments
fs12-01.updUpdate 12-01: Handbook Revision - Clarification of Non-Citizen Categories
fs11-15.updUpdate 11-15: Discontinuance of the Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System (SFIS) Requirement for the CalFresh Program
fs11-14.updUpdate 11-14: Transitional CalFresh Recertification Process
fs11-13.updUpdate 11-13: Restaurant Meals Program
fs11-12.updUpdate 11-12: Disaster CalFresh Program
fs11-11.updUpdate 11-11: Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD)Statewide Waiver for FFY 2012
fs11-10.updUpdate 11-10: Clarifications and Reminders for CalFresh Expedited Services and Application Processing
fs11-09.updUpdate 11-09: CalFresh Applications for Residents of Drug and Alcohol (D&A) Treatment Centers
fs11-08.updUpdate 11-08: CalFresh Regulation Questions and Answers (Q&As)
fs11-07.updUpdate 11-07: Implementation of Inter-County Transfer (ICT) for CalFresh
fs11-06.updUpdate 11-06: Clarification to Student Earnings
fs11-05.updUpdate 11-05: Sponsor Deeming, Indigent Noncitizen Determination & Sponsor Income Verification
fs11-04.updUpdate 11-04: "Food Stamp Work Registration" (SCD 1404) is Obsolete
fs11-03.updUpdate 11-03: Humanitarian Parole Policy for Certain Haitian Orphans
fs11-02.updUpdate 11-02: Expansion of Modified Categorical Eligibility (MCE)
fs10-25.updUpdate 10-25: Implementation of the Renaming of the Food Stamp Program to CalFresh
fs10-24.updUpdate 10-24: Elimination of CalFresh Sanctions for Noncompliance with Substitute Program Work Requirements
fs10-23.updUpdate 10-23: CalFresh Questions and Answers (Q&A)
fs10-22.updUpdate 10-22: Elimination of the Eight-Month Limit for Afghan and Iraqi Special Immigrants
fs10-21.updUpdate 10-21: Treatment of Child Support Payment
fs10-20.updUpdate 10-20: Restoration of Eligibility and Benefits Waiver
fs10-19.updUpdate 10-19: Change Reporting Households
fs10-18.updUpdate 10-18: Errata to Update 2010-4, Food Stamp Questions & Answers (Q&As)
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Policy Interpretations

fs17-01.piPolicy Interpretation 17-01: Overissuance Claims
fs16-01.piPolicy Interpretation 16-01: Residents of a Sober Living Environment/Unlicensed Facilities
fs12-01.piPolicy Interpretation 12-01: Household Composition
fs11-02.piPolicy Interpretation 11-02: QR 7 Processing
fs11-01.piPolicy Interpretation 11-01: Opting out of CalFresh for Noncitizens
fs10-07.piPolicy Interpretation 10-07: Claim Determination Worksheet
fs10-06.piPolicy Interpretation 10-06: Administrative Delay Procedures for Applications
fs10-04.piPolicy Interpretation 10-04: Food Stamp FSET Sanction
fs10-03.piPolicy Interpretation 10-03: Self-Employment
fs10-02.piPolicy Interpretation 10-02: Companion Cases with Different Reporting Cycles
fs10-01.piPolicy Interpretation 10-01: Sponsorship Questions
fs09-04.piPolicy Interpretation 09-04: Beginning Date of Aid-Action on Changes in Household Composition - Revised
fs09-03.piPolicy Interpretation 09-03: CalSuccess
fs09-02.piPolicy Interpretation 09-02: UIB & Court Ordered Child Support
fs09-01.piPolicy Interpretation 09-01: Recertifications for QR/PB Households
fs08-05.piPolicy Interpretation 08-05: TFS and RCA
fs08-04.piPolicy Interpretation 08-04: Proration of Terminated Food Stamps Income
fs08-03.piPolicy Interpretation 08-03: DFA 842 Clarification
fs08-02.piPolicy Interpretation 08-02: Student Criteria
fs08-01.piPolicy Interpretation 08-01: ABAWD
fs07-01.piPolicy Interpretation 07-01: Paid Child Support Verification
fs06-03.piPolicy Interpretation 06-03: Students
fs06-02.piPolicy Interpretation 06-02: SFIS Requirements
fs06-01.piPolicy Interpretation 06-01: DFA 285-A1 or SAWS 1 at Recertification
fs04-02.piPolicy Interpretation 04-02: Child Support
fs04-01.piPolicy Interpretation 04-01: Unconditionally Available Income