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Program Policy: Common Place

Published on: 4/11/2017 5:02 PM

The Common Place handbook contains policy that applies to every program. To open a document, click the underlined text in the "Name" column. Clicking the buttons below will scroll the page down to the Update and Policy Interpretation sections.

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​Handbook Chapters

cp.bkIXCommon Place Handbook Index
cp.bkTOCCommon Place Handbook Table of Contents
cpchap01Chapter 1: Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System (SFIS)
cpchap02Chapter 2: Social Security
cpchap03Chapter 3: Income Eligibility Verification System (IEVS)
cpchap04Chapter 4: IEVS Applicant System
cpchap05Chapter 5: IEVS Recipient System
cpchap06Chapter 6: SSA Data and Interfaces
cpchap07Chapter 7: Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB)
cpchap08Chapter 8: Disability Insurance and Veterans Benefits
cpchap09Chapter 9: Citizenship
cpchap10Chapter 10: Immigration
cpchap11Chapter 11: Noncitizen Categories
cpchap12Chapter 12: USCIS Codes
cpchap13Chapter 13: Immigration Forms
cpchap14Chapter 14: SAVE
cpchap15Chapter 15: Voter Registration
cpchap16Chapter 16: Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
cpchap17Chapter 17: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Direct Deposit
cpchap18Chapter 18: Warrants/Checks
cpchap19Chapter 19: Integrated Document Management (IDM)
cpchap20Chapter 20: Self-Service Technologies
cpchap21Chapter 21: Verifications
cpchap22Chapter 22: Notices of Action
cpchap23Chapter 23: Forms Available in Shelf Stock
cpchap24Chapter 24: Intake/RRR Packets
cpchap25Chapter 25: Case Narration
cpchap26Chapter 26: Services
cpchap27Chapter 27: DFCS/DEBS Common Cases
cpchap28Chapter 28: Homeless Mailing Address
cpchap29Chapter 29: Immediate Need/Expedited Service Procedures
cpchap30Chapter 30: Child and Medical Support: Overview and Referral Criteria
cpchap31Chapter 31: Child and Medical Support Activities
cpchap32Chapter 32: Direct Child/Spousal or Medical Support and the State Disbursement Unit
cpchap33Chapter 33: Reserved for Future Use
cpchap34Chpater 34: Reserved for Future Use
cpchap35Chapter 35: Mandated Posters and Brochures for District Office Lobbies
cpchap36Chapter 36: Civil Rights
cpchap37Chapter 37: Appeals
cpchap38Chapter 38: Fraud
cpchap39Chapter 39: Complaints/Inquiries
cpchap40Chapter 40: Confidentiality
cpchap41Chapter 41: Case Responsibility
cpchap42Chapter 42: Client/Third Party Case Reviews
cpchap43Chapter 43: Subpoena and Courtroom Testimony Guide
cpchap44Chapter 44: Case Structure/Numbering
cpchap45Chapter 45: Periodic Report Management
cpchap46Chapter 46: Inter County Transfer
cpchap47Chapter 47: Retro Discontinuances/Closed Cases
cpchap48Chapter 48: Supervisory Reviews
cpchap49Chapter 49: Case Loans
cpchap50Chapter 50: Case Transfers
cpchap51Chapter 51: Case-Rejection Criteria
cpchap52Chapter 52: Intra-Office Backlogs
cpchap53Chapter 53: Court Reviews
cpchap54Chapter 54: DEBS Program Information
cpchap55Chapter 55: Administrative Support Bureau (ASB)
cpchap56Chapter 56: CCS General Assistance (GA) Workflows
cpchap57Chapter 57: Medi-Cal Benefits Assistance (MBA) Procedures
cpchap58Chapter 58: Reserved for Future Use
cpchap59Chapter 59: Intake Model
cpchap60Chapter 60: Generic Workflows
cpchap61Chapter 61: Continuing Workflows
cpchap62Chapter 62: CCS Application Support Narrative
cpchap63Chapter 63: IEVS Unit Workflows
cpchap64Chapter 64: Workload Standards, Policies, and Procedures
cpchap65Chapter 65: General Assistance (GA) SSI Advocacy
cpchap66Chapter 66: Work Incentive Nutritional Supplement (WINS) Program


Handbook Updates

cp18-02.updUpdate 18-02: Procedure for Age Discrimination Complaints
cp18-01.updUpdate 18-01: Recording Activity in Lobbies
cp17-24.updUpdate 17-24: DocuSign Forms
cp17-23.updUpdate 17-23: 2017 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
cp17-22.updUpdate 17-22: Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements
cp17-21.updUpdate 17-21: Civil Rights Compliance: Reminders for Improving Language Services
cp17-20.updUpdate 17-20: Changes to the New Hire Report Review Process
cp17-19.updUpdate 17-19: Resource Flyer
cp17-18.updUpdate 17-18: Homeless Mail Retention
cp17-17.updUpdate 17-17: SAR 7 Eligibility Status Report- Revised for Santa Clara County Use
cp17-16.updUpdate 17-16: Refusal to Apply for Potentially Eligible Program(s)
cp17-15.updUpdate 17-15: Notice of Language Services
cp17-14.updUpdate 17-14: Electronic Income and Eligibility Verification System (eIEVS) Implementation
cp17-13.updUpdate 17-13: Case Rejection Time Frame
cp17-12.updUpdate 17-12: Reminders for Identifying Clients with Special Accomodations
cp17-11.updUpdate 17-11: Recipient Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) Processing and Timeframes
cp17-10.updUpdate 17-10: Homeless Mailing Address
cp17-09.updUpdate 17-09: Immigration Services
cp17-08.updUpdate 17-08: Recorded Rights and Responsibilities
cp17-07.updUpdate 17-7: Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Form Requirements
cp17-06.updUpdate 17-06: Changes to Immigration Documents
cp17-05.updUpdate 17-05: In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Roster
cp17-04.updUpdate 17-04: Confidential and Sensitive Case Special Indicators
cp17-03.updUpdate 17-03: Clarification for Using Language Accommodation Special Indicator
cp17-02.updUpdate 17-02: Child Support Chapter Revisions
cp17-01.updUpdate 17-01: Consumer Credit Reports Authorization & Noticing Requirements
cp16-31.updUpdate 16-31: 2016 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
cp16-30.updUpdate 16-30: Request for Verification Form CW 2200-GA
cp16-29.updUpdate 16-29: Intake and RRR Packet Revisions
cp16-28.updUpdate 16-28: Noncitizen Categories and USCIS Codes
cp16-27.updUpdate 16-27: Address Change Form
cp16-26.updUpdate 16-26: Immigration
cp16-25.updUpdate 16-25: Clarification to Update 2016-2
cp16-24.updUpdated 16-24:  Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) Payment Verification System (PVS) and New Hire Registry (NHR) Review Process
cp16-23.updUpdate 16-23: Voiance Interpreter Services
cp16-22.updUpdate 16-22: Telephonic Signatures for Incomplete Periodic Reports
cp16-21.updUpdate 16-21: Coding Foster Care Case Language
cp16-20.updUpdate 16-20: General Assistance Expunged Benefits
cp16-19.updUpdate 16-19: Common Case Sanction Outreach
cp16-18.updUpdate 16-17: Sharing Limited Information Consent Form (SCD 103)
cp16-17.updUpdate 16-17: Sharing Limited Information Consent Form (SCD 103)
cp16-16.updUpdate 16-16: Child Support Email Address Change
cp16-15.updUpdate 16-15: Case Rejection Criteria
cp16-14.updUpdate 16-14: Veterans Benefits Verification and Referrals
cp16-13.updUpdate 16-13: CWES Confidential Case Requests
cp16-12.updUpdate 16-12: Continuing Workflows
cp16-11.updUpdate 16-11: Confidential Information
cp16-10.updUpdate 16-10: Client/Third Party Case Reviews
cp16-09.updUpdate 16-09: Generic Workflows - Intake
cp16-08.updUpdate 16-08: Intake Process Revisions
cp16-07.updUpdate 16-07: CalWIN Tracking - Special Accommodations
cp16-06.updUpdate 16-06: Use of The Work Number
cp16-05.updUpdate 16-05: Eligibility Worker Co-Location at Emergency Assistance Network Locations
cp16-04.updUpdate 16-04: Telephone Greetings for Eligibility Staff
cp16-03.updUpdate 16-03: Continuing Caseloads
cp16-02.updUpdate 16-02: No Fee and Reduced Fee Identification Cards (Revised 10/18/2016)
cp16-01.updUpdate 16-01: Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) New Client Materials
cp15-30.updUpdate 15-30: Birth Certificates for Homeless Clients
cp15-29.updUpdate 15-29: Telephonic Signature Statement of Facts
cp15-28.updUpdate 15-28: New Eyes Voucher Program Process Change
cp15-27.updUpdate 15-27: 2015 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
cp15-26.updUpdate 15-26: Civil Rights Chapter
cp15-24.updUpdate 15-24: Homeless Mailing Address
cp15-23.updUpdate 15-23: Custodian of Records for the Department of Employment and Benefits (DEBS)
cp15-22.updUpdate 15-22: Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
cp15-21.updUpdate 15-21: Bank Transition to Wells Fargo Bank
cp15-20.updUpdate 15-20: Clarification for Common Case Clients
cp15-19.updUpdate 15-19: Immediate Need Procedures
cp15-18.updUpdate 15-18: CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES) IDM Update
cp15-17.updUpdate 15-17: Telephonic Signature Redetermination and Recertification Process
cp15-16.updUpdate 15-16: Payments from Clients for Accounts Receivable
cp15-15.updUpdate 15-15: Case Transfers
cp15-14.updUpdate 15-14: Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) and Assembly Bill (AB)1614
cp15-13.updUpdate 15-13: Family Services Program Client Correspondence
cp15-12.updUpdate 15-12: CalFresh Monthly Supervisor Case Reviews
cp15-11.updUpdate 15-11: Foster Care Forms in IDM
cp15-10.updUpdate 15-10: Client/ Third Party Case Reviews
cp15-09.updUpdate 15-09: Telephonic Signatures (TS) at Redetermination/Recertification (RD/RC) Pilot
cp15-08.updUpdate 15-08: Work Incentive Nutritional Supplement (WINS) Questions and Answers (Q&As)
cp15-07.updUpdate 15-07: Medi-Cal Application & Redetermination Informational Packet Cover Letter
cp15-06.updUpdate 15-06: EBT Excessive Card Replacement (ECR) Warning Letter Process
cp15-05.updUpdate 15-05: Inter-County Transfer (ICT) Escalation Process
cp15-04.updUpdate 15-04: Revision of the No-Show Business Process
cp15-03.updUpdate 15-03: General Assistance (GA) and Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) - Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Computation Process
cp15-02.updUpdate 15-02: WTW 24-Month Time Clock Related Client Correspondence
cp15-01.updUpdate 15-01: New Eyes Voucher Program
cp14-31.updUpdate 14-31: Change of Interpreter Services
cp14-30.updUpdate 14-30: Fraud Referrals
cp14-29.updUpdate 14-29: Family Services Program Client Correspondence
cp14-28.updUpdate 14-28: Exemption of Child-Only Safety Net and Drug/Fleeing Felons from Child Support Requirements
cp14-27.updUpdate 14-27: Receiving Cash Payments From Clients
cp14-26.updUpdate 14-26: Changes to EBT Equipment for Retailers
cp14-25.updUpdate 14-25: Voter Registration
cp14-24.updUpdate 14-24: Safe at Home Confidential Post Office (P.O.) Box Process
cp14-23.updUpdate 14-23: Work Number Express Pilot Program
cp14-22.updUpdate 14-22: Request for Verification Form CW 2200
cp14-21.updUpdate 14-21: VMC Referrals for Adding-a-Program & Adding-a-Person
cp14-20.updUpdate 14-20: Erratum to Common Place Handbook Update 14-15, Changes in Social Security Services
cp14-19.updUpdate 14-19: Non-Minor Dependents & Child Support Referrals
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Policy Interpretations

cp16-01.piPolicy Interpretation 16-01: Case Rejection Criteria (Revised 5/1/2017)
cp11-01.piPolicy Interpretation 11-01: EBT AR/DAC
cp09-01.piPolicy Interpretation 09-01: Use of Reprinted Periodic Reports and Returned Status