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Program Policy: CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES)

Published on: 5/1/2019 11:20 AM

This page contains all of the policy documents related to the CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES) program. To open a document, click the underlined text in the "Name" column.

​Handbook Chapters

cw.bkIXCalWORKs Employment Services Handbook
cw.bkTOCCalWORKs Employment Services Handbook Table of Contents
cwchap01Chapter 1: WTW 24-Month Time Limit
cwchap02Chapter 2: Exemptions
cwchap03Chapter 3: Scheduling Process
cwchap04Chapter 4: Orientation and Appraisal
cwchap05Chapter 5: Job Readiness
cwchap06Chapter 6: Self-Initiated Program (SIP)
cwchap07Chapter 7: CalWORKs SSI Advocacy
cwchap08Chapter 8: CWES Assessment
cwchap09Chapter 9: The Welfare-to-Work (WTW) Plan
cwchap10Chapter 10: Unpaid Work Experience (WEX) and Community Service (CS)
cwchap11Chapter 11: Family Services Program
cwchap12Chapter 12: Employment Connection
cwchap13Chapter 13: Learning Disability Screening and Evaluation
cwchap14Chapter 14: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap15 Chapter 15: Cal-Learn [EAS 42-762]
cwchap16Chapter 16: School Attendance
cwchap17Chapter 17: Making Satisfactory Progress (MSP)
cwchap18Chapter 18: Student Financial Aid
cwchap19Chapter 19: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap20Chapter 20: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap21Chapter 21: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap22Chapter 22: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap23Chapter 23: Bike to Work
cwchap24Chapter 24: Vehicle Repairs
cwchap25Chapter 25: Transportation-Related Expenses
cwchap26Chapter 26: Child Care Services
cwchap27Chapter 27: TrustLine and Health & Safety
cwchap28Chapter 28: Ancillary Expenses [EAS 42-750]
cwchap29Chapter 29: Employment and Post-Aid Services
cwchap30Chapter 30: Domestic Abuse
cwchap31Chapter 31: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap32Chapter 32: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap33Chapter 33: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap34Chapter 34: Documentation
cwchap35Chapter 35: Deferred/Good Cause
cwchap36Chapter 36: Non-Compliance Process
cwchap37Chapter 37: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap38Chapter 38: CWES Fraud Referrals
cwchap39Chapter 39: CWES Overpayment and Underpayment
cwchap40Chapter 40: CWES Fiscal
cwchap41Chapter 41: Health Alliance
cwchap42Chapter 42: DFCS/CWES Common Cases
cwchap43Chapter 43: Companion Case Referrals
cwchap44Chapter 44: Case Transfers
cwchap45Chapter 45: Integrated Document Management (IDM) and Order of Filing in IDM
cwchap46Chapter 46: CalWORKs Home Visiting
cwchap47Chapter 47: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap48Chapter 48: Dress for Success
cwchap49Chapter 49: Reserved for Future Use
cwchap50Chapter 50: Reserved for Future Use