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Program Policy: General Assistance

Published on: 4/11/2017 5:07 PM

This page contains all of the policy documents related to the General Assistance program. To open a document, click the underlined text in the "Name" column. Clicking the buttons below will scroll the page down to the Update and Policy Interpretation sections.

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​Handbook Chapters

ga.bkIXGeneral Assistance Handbook Index
ga.bkTOCGeneral Assistance Handbook Table of Contents
gachap01Chapter 1: General Assistance Policies
gachap02Chapter 2: Charts, Tables, and General Information
gachap03Chapter 3: Rights and Responsibilities
gachap04Chapter 4: Reserved for Future Use
gachap05Chapter 5: Appeals
gachap06Chapter 6: Application Process
gachap07Chapter 7: Reserved for Future Use
gachap08Chapter 8: Social Security
gachap09Chapter 9: Medi-Cal Application
gachap10Chapter 10: Verification
gachap11Chapter 11: Director's Exceptions
gachap12Chapter 12: Return to Residence
gachap13Chapter 13: Public Administrator/Guardian Procedures
gachap14Chapter 14: Reinvestigations
gachap15Chapter 15: QR 7 Procedures
gachap16Chapter 16: Property
gachap17Chapter 17: Residency
gachap18Chapter 18: Reserved for Future Use
gachap19Chapter 19: Citizenship/Alienage/Sponsored Noncitizens
gachap20Chapter 20: Reserved for Future Use
gachap21Chapter 21: Special Programs/Institutions
gachap22Chapter 22: Reserved for Future Use
gachap23Chapter 23: Income
gachap24Chapter 24: Reserved for Future Use
gachap25Chapter 25: Need Standards
gachap26Chapter 26: Reserved for Future Use
gachap27Chapter 27: Payment Principles
gachap28Chapter 28: Vendor Payments
gachap29Chapter 29: SSI Advocacy
gachap30Chapter 30: Employable Classification
gachap32Chapter 32: Unemployable Classification
gachap33Chapter 33: Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR)/SSI Advocacy
gachap34Chapter 34: Reserved for Future Use
gachap35Chapter 35: Overpayments


Handbook Updates

ga17-05.updUpdate 17-05: Chapter 34- Vocational Services
ga17-04.updUpdate 17-04: General Assistance Overpayments- Policy Revision
ga17-03.updUpdate 17-03: High School Students Requesting General Assistance
ga17-02.updUpdate 17-02: Semi-Annual (SAR) Reporting Implementation
ga17-01.updUpdate 17-01: Sponsor Cases- Referral to Collections
ga16-06.updUpdate 16-06: Director's Exception - Family Reunification and Child Welfare Cases
ga16-05.updUpdate 16-05: Agreement to Reimburse - Sponsor (SCD 355 S/A)
ga16-04.updUpdate 16-04: Veterans Benefits Verification and Referrals
ga16-03.updUpdate 16-03: Residential Care Homes (RCH)
ga16-02.updUpdate 16-02: GA Policy Amendments and Handbook Revisions
ga16-01.updUpdate 16-01: EBT Out-of County Usage Report
ga15-04.updUpdate 15-04: Completion of the form "Authorization for Reimbursement of Interim Assistance Initial Claim or Posteligibility Case" (SSP 14)
ga15-03.updUpdate 15-03: GA Pregnant Women in their Second Trimester
ga15-02.updUpdate 15-02: Drug and Alcohol Facilities- Updated
ga15-01.updUpdate 15-01: General Assistance (GA) and Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Computations
ga14-09.updUpdate 14-09: GA Debt Write-Off and Policy Amendments
ga14-08.updUpdate 14-08: "GA/ES Review Sheet" (GA 19)
ga14-07.updUpdate 14-07: Verification of Social Security Number
ga14-06.updUpdate 14-06: GA Appeals Redesign - Revisions Chapter 5
ga14-05.updUpdate 14-05: Same-Sex Marriage
ga14-04.updUpdate 14-04: Termination of the Requirement to Refer CAPI Clients to the SSI Advocacy Program
ga14-03.updUpdate 14-03: Consent to Release Social Services Records to SSI Advocacy Program Approved Attorneys - Form SCD 1400 Attachment
ga14-02.updUpdate 14-02: Vocational Services Redesign
ga14-01.updUpdate 14-01: Unemployable Classification - Form SCD 1400
ga13-06.updUpdate 13-06: GA Policy Procedural Changes
ga13-05.updUpdate 13-05: Change of GA benefits from Loan to Grant
ga13-04.updUpdate 13-04: Implications of the Semi-Annual Reporting System in General Assistance/CalFresh Combo Cases
ga13-03.updUpdate 13-03: Jacques and Sadler Settlement Agreement
ga13-02.updUpdate 13-02: Referrals of General Assistance Students to Vocational Services
ga13-01.updUpdate 13-01: Homeless Mailing Address
ga12-03.updUpdate 12-03: Erratum to General Assistance Update 2012-02
ga12-02.updUpdate 12-02: Vendor Payment Process for Uncooperative Landlords
ga12-01.updUpdate 12-01: Vendor Payment Process for Landlords Without a Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN)
ga11-12.updUpdate 11-12: Miscellaneous Handbook Changes [Chapters 5, 6, 13, 14, 17, 23, 27, 30 and 32]
ga11-11.updUpdate 11-11: GA Vocational Services Changes [Chapter 34]
ga11-10.updUpdate 11-10: GA Loans and Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Computations [Chapter 33]
ga11-09.updUpdate 11-09: Vocational Services Transportation Payment is Changed from Warrant to Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
ga11-08.updUpdate 11-08: GA Policy Revisions [Chapter 1]
ga11-07.updUpdate 11-07: GA Impacted by New 48-Month Time Limit for CalWORKs Adults
ga11-06.updUpdate 11-06: Motel Stay Reimbursements for Homeless General Assistance Clients [Chapter 27)
ga11-05.updUpdate 11-05: Miscellaneous Handbook Changes [Chapters 6, 11, 19, 27, 29 and 30]
ga11-04.updUpdate 11-04: Self-Initiated Work Program at James Boccardo Reception Center Pilot Program [GA Handbook Chapter 34]
ga11-03.updUpdate 11-03: Process for "Authorization for Reimbursement of Interim Assistance Initial Payment or Initial Post Eligibility Payment" (SSP 14) [Chapter 33]
ga11-02.updUpdate 11-02: Social Security Administration’s e-IAR Reports Name Change [Chapter 33]
ga11-01.updUpdate 11-01: Overpayments Due to Incarceration [Chapter 35]
ga10-09.updUpdate 10-09: Social Security Administration's SSI Electronic Interim Assistance Reimbursement (eIAR)
ga10-08.updUpdate 10-08: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions: Chapters 6, 10, 11, 14, 15, 21, 27, 30 and 34
ga10-07.updUpdate 10-07: Use of Kelly Blue Book for Vehicle Valuations
ga10-06.updUpdate 10-06: Director's Exception for Abused/Abandoned Sponsored Noncitizens
ga10-05.updUpdate 10-05: General Assistance Sponsorship Requirements
ga10-04.updUpdate 10-04: General Assistance Token Program [GA Handbook Chapters 1 and 25]
ga10-03.updUpdate 10-03: Social Service's Public Administrator/Guardian/Conservator Process [GA Handbook Chapters 6 and 13]
ga10-02.updUpdate 10-02: Recognizing Identification Cards Issued by Other Countries
ga10-01.updUpdate 10-01: Vehicle Value Determinations
ga09-14.updUpdate 09-14: Social Security Administration's SSI elAR Web Application
ga09-13.updUpdate 09-13: On-Line Forms Project
ga09-12.updUpdate 09-12: Subject General Assistance Pilot Bus Token Project
ga09-11.updUpdate 09-11: General Assistance versus CalWORKs [Chapter 6, 11 and 23]
ga09-10.updUpdate 09-10: Triage Process [GA Handbook Chapter 6]
ga09-09.updUpdate 09-09: Amendment of General Assistance Policy 141
ga09-08.updUpdate 09-08: Mailing Address Change for General Assistance Homeless [GA Handbook Chapters 15 and 17 and Common-Place Handbook Chapter 29]
ga09-07.updUpdate 09-07: Director's Exception for Reunification Families Participating in the Family Wellness Court for Infants and Toddlers (FWC)
ga09-06.updUpdate 09-06: Deeming of Sponsor's Income and Resources [Chapter 19]
ga09-05.updUpdate 09-05: DA Certified Sober Living Environment (SLE) and Transitional Housing Unit (THU) [Chapter 21 Special Programs/Institutions]
ga09-04.updUpdate 09-04: Director's Exception for PRUCOL Clients
ga09-03.updUpdate 09-03: Process for Residential Care Home (RCH) Payments and Emergency Shelter (ES) Cashed Warrents [GA Chapter 21]
ga09-02.updUpdate 09-02: Motel Voucher Payment When a Homeless Client Shares the Room (GA Handbook Chapters 2, 17 and 27)
ga09-01.updUpdate 09-01: Miscellaneous Changes to Chapters 3, 6, 19, 30 and 34
ga08-07.updUpdate 08-07: Human Trafficking Victims with T or U Visas (GA Chapter 19)
ga08-06.updUpdate 08-06: County Health Evaluation Referral Program (CHERP) Contact Change
ga08-05.updUpdate 08-05: Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Forms (GA Chapters 6, 14, 29 & 33)
ga08-04.updUpdate 08-04: GA Clients Age 65 or Older vs CAPI Benefits
ga08-03.updUpdate 08-03: Fleeing and Drug Felons - Chapters 6 and 21
ga08-02.updUpdate 08-02: Shelter Payment - "Personal Needs Option"
ga08-01.updUpdate 08-01: Increase in the State Minimum Wage
ga07-10.updUpdate 07-10: CHERP Address Change
ga07-09.updUpdate 07-09: Vocational Services (Chapter 34)
ga07-08.updUpdate 07-08: Unemployable Classification (Chapter 32)
ga07-07.updUpdate 07-07: SSI Advocacy Program (Chapter 29)
ga07-06.updUpdate 07-06: Interim Assistance Reimbursement Program (IAR) SSI Advocacy
ga07-05.updUpdate 07-05: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions: Chapter 28
ga07-04.updUpdate 07-04: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions: Chapter 34
ga07-03.updUpdate 07-03: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions: Chapter 5
ga07-02.updUpdate 07-02: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions (Chapters 29, 30, 32 and 35)
ga07-01.updUpdate 07-01: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions
ga06-03.updUpdate 06-03: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions
ga06-02.updUpdate 06-02: Minimum Wage Increase - Impact on General Assistance Program (GA) in 2007 and 2008
ga06-01.updUpdate 06-01: Miscellaneous GA Handbook Revisions (Chapter 3, 6, 8, 9 and 10)
ga05-01.updUpdate 05-01: Maximum Aid Payments Effective February 1, 2005 & Revisions to Policy GA 280
ga04-03.updUpdate 04-03: Quarterly Reporting/Prospective Budgeting (QR/PB) System for General Assistance
ga04-02.updUpdate 04-02: Medi-Cal Case Weights for General Assistance
ga04-01.updUpdate 04-01: Overview - Implementation of the Quarterly Reporting/Prospective Budgeting (QR/PB) System in the General Assistance Program
ga03-04.updUpdate 03-04: Maximum Aid Payments Effective January 1, 2004 & Revisions to Policy GA 280
ga03-03.updUpdate 03-03: Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Calculation Changes
ga03-02.updUpdate 03-02: Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Audit
ga03-01.updUpdate 03-01: General Assistance Loan Amounts & Need Standards
ga02-12.updUpdate 02-12: Interim Assistance Program (IAP)/SSI Advocacy
ga02-11updUpdate 02-11: Overpayments
ga02-10.updUpdate 02-10: Income
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Policy Interpretations

ga14-02.piPolicy Interpretation 14-02: Sponsor Spouse Filing an Appeal
ga14-01.piPolicy Interpretation 14-01: Unearned Income Deductions
ga13-01.piPolicy Interpretation 13-01: GA Hearing Schedules
ga11-01.piPolicy Interpretation 11-01: GA Policy [219] Reduced Job Searches effective July 1, 2011
ga10-03.piPolicy Interpretation 10-03: Student Loan Paid Directly to the School
ga10-02.piPolicy Interpretation 10-02: Mother Lost Care & Control of her Children to Foster Care
ga10-01.piPolicy Interpretation 10-01: Photocopy of the Green Card
ga09-06.piPolicy Interpretation 09-06: Shared Housing
ga09-05.piPolicy Interpretation 09-05: CalWORKs Drug Felon Mother applying for GA with 16 yr old Not in School
ga09-04.piPolicy Interpretation 09-04: Director's Exception Period of Eligibility for Order of Supervision - PRUCOL
ga09-03.piPolicy Interpretation 09-03: Clarification of GA Policy [114] Sponsor Requirements
ga09-02.piPolicy Interpretation 09-02: When to Complete the "Authorization for Reimbursement of Interim Assistance Initial Payment or Initial Post Eligibility Payment" (SSP14) [Chapter 6 and 33]
ga09-01.piPolicy Interpretation 09-01: Clarification of GA Policy [130] Agreement to Reimburse and Handbook Section 19.6.2 Affidavit of Support
ga08-03.piPolicy Interpretation 08-03: General Assistance and Same Sex Marriage
ga08-02.piPolicy Interpretation 08-02: Anticipating UIB
ga08-01.piPolicy Interpretation 08-01: Sanctions