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Food Assistance: Applying for CalFresh

Published on: 4/26/2017 8:06 AM


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24-Hr Automated InfoLine: 
1-877-96-BENEFITS  or

Applying for CalFresh
If you believe you may be eligible for CalFresh benefits, you may apply at any Social Services Agency Intake Office. You may also apply online via the Benefits CalWIN website at If you submit your application online, you will receive an appointment letter for a face-to-face or phone interview.
Documents You Will Need to Bring When You Apply
Your Eligibility Worker will tell you exactly which documents you need to provide. The documents will be used to see if you are eligible for Food Stamp benefits and to figure out the amount/value of Food Stamp benefits you will get. T  he following list contains examples of the kind of documents you may need to give your Eligibility Worker.
   Proof of Identity 
  • Any documentation that reasonably shows identity such as a Driver’s License or Identification (ID) Card from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a Passport, a Birth Certificate, and/or a Work or School ID Card.

   Proof of Residence 

  • Rent receipts
  • Utility bill
  • DMV Identification Card or Driver’s License

   Proof of Age

  • Birth Certificate,  Driver’s License, or DMV ID Card

   Social Security Number (SSN) for Each Household Member

  • Social Security Card or number or proof of application for Social Security Card.

   Proof of Immigration Status

  • Green card or Alien Registration Card

   Proof of Property

  • Bank statements (checking and/or savings accounts)
  • Car registration(s)
  • Papers that show value of property

   Proof of Income

  • Check stubs
  • Papers that show where the money came from

   Proof of Shelter Costs/Expenses

  • Housing bills, Rent receipt
  • Utility bill
  • Shared Housing Forms

   Proof of Disability

  • Award Letter
  • Letter from doctor listing disability and how long disability will last.
  • Other proof

   Proof of Child Support Payments

  • Court Order
  • Cancelled Checks
  • Money Order Receipts
  • Wage Withholding Statement 
Medical Assistance
You may also be eligible for medical assistance through the Medi-Cal Program.
Financial Assistance
If you are the parent or caretaker relative of an eligible child or eligible children, you may be eligible to receive cash assistance through the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) Program.
If you are an immigrant who is 65 years of age or older, or are blind or disabled, you may be eligible for cash assistance through the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) Program.
If you have Refugee Status, you may be eligible to receive cash assistance through the Refugee Cash Assistance Program.
If you are NOT eligible for cash assistance from other State and/or Federal programs, you may be eligible for a cash loan through the General Assistance Program.

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