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Intensive Treatment Foster Care Program

Published on: 5/21/2015 7:15 PM

Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) services are provided in a foster home setting for children/youth with serious emotional and/or behavioral issues. It is intended to move children/youth with high level issues from group home care (Level 9-14) to family-based care, by providing intensive in-home therapeutic and behavior-management services. Some children/youth may receive these services as an alternative to placement in group home care, without ever having to reside in a group home facility. ITFC homes provide close supervision and implement a structured, individualized program for each child. ITFC homes blends the normalizing features of foster family care with intensive counseling, case management, and support services. Foster parents are recruited, trained, and supported to become part of the treatment team. ITFC foster parents must meet the minimum foster care requirements as well as; have foster care experience or experience working with this population; be at least 25 years old, and complete 60 hours certification training.
We support Intensive Treatment Foster Care. Research has demonstrated that by placing only one foster child in a specialized foster home where the child has an individualized treatment program and the foster parents are carefully matched to each child and are specially trained and supported 24/7 the child fares much better.

Target Population

  • ITFC will accept children who are 10-17 years of age, emotionally disturbed and: 
  • Have successfully completed or whose treatment needs are no longer met by a higher level group home; or
  • Have a history of one or more placements in higher level group homes (RCL 12, 14, or CTF);or
  • Are at serious risk of psychiatric hospitalization; or
  • Are at serious risk of replacement in an RCL 12 or higher group home; or
  • Are currently living with relative caregivers or NREFM but are at risk for replacement in a higher level group home.

ITFC Program Provides the Following:

  • Places one youth at a time with a family
  • Matches the foster family and child with care
  • Uses a team approach to treatment, with the foster parents as part of the treatment team along with program staff
  • Utilizes a unique Support Counselor to offer individualized counseling & emotional support, mentoring and modeling skills for both child and foster parent
  • Employs case managers with low caseloads for frequent on-site consultation for individualized problem-solving & treatment planning
  • Uses Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as its treatment model
  • Offers a more normalizing living environment and better opportunities for permanence