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  DFCS Online Policies & Procedures

Handbook 1: Intake
Handbook 2: Assessments and In-Person Responses
Handbook 3: Assessment Guides
Handbook 4: Case Planning and Case Management Services
Handbook 5: In-Home Services
Handbook 6: Out of Home Placement and Services
Handbook 7: Relative Home Approvals
Handbook 8: Juvenile Court Hearings and Reports
No.  Chapter Title
8-1 300 Petition
8-1.1 Drafting an Effective Petition
8-2 Dependency Initial Hearing (Detention) Report
8-3 Initial Petition (Detention) Hearing
8-3.1 Court Report Writing
8-3.3 Jurisdictional/Dispositional Court Report
8-4 Jurisdictional Hearing for WIC � 300 Petition
8-4.1 Jurisdictional Hearing Report
8-5 Dispositional Hearing
8-5.1 Dispositional Hearing Report
8-6 Ex Parte Application and Order
8-7 Receipt of Report Hearings
8-13 Selection and Implementation (366.26) Hearings
8-14.1 Adoption Progress Reports
8-15 Request to Change Court Order (JV-180)
8-15.1 Requests for Modification of a Previously Dismissed Legal Guardianship
8-15.2 Writing the Court Report for Modification of a Guardianship for a Previously Dismissed Dependency
XP Guardianship to Adoption (11-10)
8-16 Dual Status (241.1) Hearing Protocol
8-16.1 Dual Status Report
Handbook 9: Court Related Issues
Handbook 10: Contacts and Visitation
Handbook 11: Concurrent Planning and Adoption
Handbook 12: Assignment, Transfer and Closure of Referrals and Cases
Handbook 13: Cross Program Protocols
Handbook 14: Resource Homes: Foster Care Licensing and Relative Finding
Handbook 15: Health Care
Handbook 16: School/Education
Handbook 18: Financial Support Systems
Handbook 19: How To…
Handbook 20: Special Information
Handbook 21: Supervision Guides
Handbook 22: DFCS Resource Guide
Handbook 23: Domestic Violence
Handbook 24: Extended Foster Care Program

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