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Choosing to be a Resource Family Supports a Commitment to Keeping Children Safe and Families Strong

Published on: 5/21/2015 7:16 PM

RFA reaffirms the commitment to serving children, youth, young adults and families because it:

Focuses on Lifelong Relationships

  • RFA supports connecting children, youth, and young adults to safe, caring relationships that can last a lifetime by focusing on families.
  • RFA's purpose is to place children, youth, and young adults with families than can provide a lifelong connection by determining permanency approval upfront.

Achieves Results for Children, Youth, Young Adults and Families

  • Upfront training and ongoing services prepare caregivers to meet the needs of children and youth and assisting families with forming lifelong relationships.
  • Supportive and loving long-term relationships lead to stable permanent placements and improved outcomes for children, youth, and young adults.

Imagine having to be removed from your birth family and then having to be separated from your siblings.

Consider providing care for siblings so they can continue to live together.

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