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Community-Based Prevention


Child Abuse Reporting during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the immense pressure this current pandemic places on some of our most vulnerable communities, the Department of Family and Children's Services is encouraging Santa Clara County Residents to be the advocates for youth who may be experiencing trauma, in the forms of abuse and/or neglect. Please watch and share the videos linked below and help support the most vulnerable individuals in our communities.

Child Abuse Awareness Videos – COVID-19 Series

Child Abuse Awareness during the Shelter in Place - Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Child Abuse Reporting Tip Sheets

Mandated Reporter Training

The Santa Clara County Department of Family Children’s Services in partnership with Seneca Family of Agencies provides FREE on demand and monthly Mandated Reporter trainings (virtual/in-person) in English or Spanish. Agencies may also request to host separately, please contact or call (510) 654-4004 for further information. The Mandated Reporter Training is 3 hours, available for Santa Clara County Mandated Reporters only and CEU’s are provided. Check out the Mandated Reporting Training Information Flyer concerning the classes or register here and choose "Eligible Participant" to scroll for class times/dates.

Child Mandated Reporter 3- CEs-General Info Flyer
General Flyer for MRT Seneca 2019

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and the Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) also provides free 24/7 self-paced Mandated Reporter training online in English and Spanish.

Mandated Reporters should check with their employment agency before registering to ensure trainings satisfy employment requirements.

Supporting Strong and Healthy Communities

The DFCS Prevention Bureau partners, teaches, and provides support through community-focused programs. The Prevention Bureau acts to prevent entry into foster care and reduce disproportionality in the Child Welfare System.

The Prevention Bureau focuses on 6 zip codes with high rates of referrals for General Neglect within Santa Clara County. The effort aims to create safe, caring & self-supported communities where families and children have access to basic needs to reduce the need for child welfare action.

Community Events

Virtual Parent Café (Spanish)
Sep 7, Sep 21, Oct 12, Oct 26
A safe space for parents/caregivers to discuss parenting and increase resiliency. Cafés are FREE and being conducted in Spanish.
Spanish flyer

Virtual Parent Café (Vietnamese)
Sep 10
A safe space for parents/caregivers to discuss parenting and increase resiliency. Cafés are FREE and being conducted in Vietnamese. Register Here
English flyer
Vietnamese flyer

DFCS Prevention

Prevention Strategies

Collaboration & Teaming

Collaboration & Teaming

Education & Training

Education & Training

Advocacy & System Change

Advocacy & System Change

Collaboration & Teaming


Partner with the public to increase the presence and impact of community-led prevention programs.


  • The Prevention team becomes a built-in part of the public's efforts. This helps the team to listen to public voice, locate needs, and share resources.
  • Aid community based groups to make sure that families have access to useful local resources.
  • The public and staff have greater grasp of community resources to make sure that families are linked to culturally useful local resources.

Education & Training


To ensure that the public has access to education and information on child abuse and neglect.


  • Mandated reporters are given the tools to identify suspicious indicators of child abuse or neglect.
  • Community partners are given the tools and education on poverty, general neglect, and disproportionality.
  • Healthy parenting programs are built into communities to make sure that families have the skills they need to keep going in stressful times.

Advocacy & Systems Change


Policies support prevention efforts.


  • Public voice is included in prevention program plans and actions that support the needs of families.
  • Prevention staff partner with inside and outside leaders to make sure funding is on hand to support prevention efforts.
  • Contracts use many layered funding plans to ensure multiple avenues of support.
DFCS Prevention strategies

Santa Clara County Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline

1-833-SCC-KIDS (722-5437)

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Download the Child Abuse Prevention Brochure here:

Prevention hotlines

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Community-Based Prevention - Social Services Agency - County of Santa Clara

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Event Details
Wednesday,Sep30,20201:00 pm -3:00 pmChild Abuse & Neglect Prevention Summit

​Engage in community dialogue, mobilize around a shared vision and develop an action plan for child abuse prevention in our county.

Flyer (English & Spanish)

Friday,Nov6,202011:30 am -1:00 pmThe Role of Faith in our Current Culture
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Friday,Dec4,202011:30 am -1:00 pmImmigration: The Impact of the Current Climate on Immigrants
Friday,Dec18,202011:00 am -1:00 pmUnity: Celebrating our Diversity and Similarities
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