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Medical Waste Management Program

The Medical Waste Management Program ensures protection of public health and safety and the environment, through the implementation and enforcement of regulations that apply to the handling, storage, treatment, and disposal of biohazardous waste.

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is responsible for implementing the Medical Waste Management Act (Act) which is part of the California Health and Safety Code 117600-118360. 

The Act was adopted by the state legislature in 1990 and regulates the generation, handling, storage, treatment and disposal of medical waste.

The Medical Waste Management Act (MWMA) provides the authority for DEH to issue permits and enforce regulations at facilities such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, biotech facilities, clinics and offices that generate large quantities of medical waste.

DEH issues permits to small quantity medical waste generators under the authority of the Santa Clara County Ordinance Code, Sections B11-260 to B11-268.

The Medical Waste Management Program reviews medical waste management plans during inspections, provides assistance and information to the public and industry, and investigates all medical waste complaints.

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